How Do You Recognize Human Hair Wigs?

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Apr 29, 2021

Nowadays, it is not so easy to distinguish real human hair wigs from artificial wigs. Thanks to the high quality of synthetic fiber, you can no longer see at a glance whether a well-made wig is made of natural hair or artificial fiber. But there are some features that can identify human wigs. Next, we are going to tell you how to how to recognize human hair wigs.


Processing Type

As we have seen, there are already very high-quality synthetic wigs, which have been processed very skillfully. The more expensive models also need to be tied by hand, just like wigs made of real hair. This means that lightweight kits are often used, with hair tied to them by hand.


However, you will only find braids on synthetic wigs. The whole wig is made by machine. This hair substitute belongs to the low price category and is not recommended in the case of complete hair loss. Due to the treatment, there are some open areas on the head, which should be covered with your own hair. This treatment is not found in hair substitutes made from real hair because the raw materials are too expensive.


Usage type

In terms of use, there are some differences between the two types, so human hair wigs can finally be identified: only hair substitutes made of natural hair can be colored. With a well-made wig made of real hair, you can also do the styling you need just like natural hair. Hair made from human hair can be washed and dried like natural hair - when brushing, hold the wig's hair at the root because unfortunately, the torn hair will not grow back. Perms or water waves are no problem for human wigs. If operated correctly, the wig will not be damaged.


The wig will return to its original state after the next wash, so it can recognize the hair made of natural hair, so it can wash out the water wave. Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, usually can't take on a new shape without damaging them. Wigs made of synthetic fibers are easy to shape after cleaning and dry on the head, always showing the style of the hair when they were purchased. Read Easy Coloring Hair Tutorial For Beginners, you can color your wigs, and any hair weaves as well.


Another remarkable feature of human wigs: you can even wear them when you sleep. Even wigs made from natural wigs worn on the head at night can be spared if they are combed in advance or untied with fingers.


You can also identify the real wig by its durability: with proper care and storage, it can be worn for a year to a year and a half without extra effort. Artificial wigs, on the other hand, usually last only four to six months.


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