Things Island Creators Can & Can't Do In Animal Crossing

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Apr 29, 2021

If you're new in Animal Crossing New Horizons, island-building is the first step to a better life. How to unlock the creator of the island in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you have to reach three stars. If you want to attract Island creators, you need to renovate the information center and improve the reputation of the island. You can always ask Tom nook about the steps required to refurbish the information center. Here are the skills of the creator of Animal Crossing Island Creator, and the things you can and can't do with the island creator, which is conducive to creating the best island. Buy cheap ACNH bells and ACNH nook miles tickets at

Tips and Methods for Animal Crossing Island Creators

1. For those who are not good at creating islands, it is recommended to look at their works before making users. Let's first try to create a simple island by referring to the design and layout of Twitter and past series.

2. Identifying themes is essential for creating islands. By identifying the topic first, you can imagine the completed form more easily. In addition, it will be easier to create islands by providing each section with detailed topics such as "residential areas that combine houses" and "store areas that line up shops.".

3. When creating an island, if you move it without knowing the size of the house or building, you may have to start over. If you want to start over, it takes a lot of bells and a day to move, so let's move when we think about the square.

4. When creating an island, please draw roads, floors and roads first. If the furniture and fence are left behind, it will take some time to repair.

5. When scraping the cliff or removing the paint on the ground, it is recommended to start from the middle. If it starts from the edge, it must be chamfered rather than fully chamfered, which will increase the time and energy required for cutting.

6. Let's postpone the river construction of the Animal Crossing New Horizons island creation. If river construction is carried out first, activities may be limited or cliff construction may not be possible, which may reduce work efficiency.

7. Let's finally set the bridge and slope. If you change the location after installation, you will incur unnecessary costs.


Things Island Creators Can Do In Animal Crossing

1. Using the ACNH island creator application, you can create a magnificent straight road surrounded by waterfalls, or create a "heart pond" that has become a carefully selected hot theme on the island by combining ground painting, river construction and cliff construction. Before painting the floor, select the type of painting. You can create nine kinds of roads and increase them by exchanging mileage. In addition, because my design can be reflected on the ground, it can be almost unlimited pavement. Sidewalks can not only be right angles, but also corners can be rounded. If you paint from one angle in two steps, it's easy to paint with rounded corners, so please try. However, please note that "my design" does not solve the problem. Palm trees grow on sand roads. Originally, it was a palm tree that grew only on the beach and could be planted anywhere by laying a path to the beach.

2. You can make the river bigger or narrower. In river construction, you can reclaim and excavate the ground in contact with the river, and you can freely change the composition of the ground. It can be handled so that even where it is difficult to move the island, it can be moved without a bridge. You are also free to create waterfalls. When combined with an island to create a cliff structure, you can create a waterfall anywhere. In addition, it is possible to make goldtrout and ITO, which only appear on the cliff, more likely to appear in the school of fish On Animal Crossing island.

3. You can change the shape of the Animal Crossing New Horiozns cliff and complete the construction of the cliff by carving the cliff or creating the cliff itself. It can not only create waterfalls together with river construction but also eliminate all the cliffs that are difficult to move. You can create mazes and track and field sports, and easily dig out a maze to empty the center of the cliff by performing cliff construction. In addition, if there is a small gap, the protagonist will move to make it jump, so you can create amusement facilities by arranging the cliff well. You can also build cliffs around corners. After making a cliff, you can easily sharpen the corner by pressing the button, so you can use it when you want to make a flat cliff.


Things That Island Creator Can't Do in Animal Crossing

1. In the cliff construction of Animal Crossing island create, only the fourth cliff can be created at most. When creating waterfalls, etc., you must consider the design that you can complete in step 4. Also, please note that you cannot climb or decorate the fourth cliff.

2. It's easy to create waterfalls with island create, but you can't create waterfalls diagonally. Remember that you can only create vertically or vertically.

3. When you surf the Internet or visit your friend's Island, you can't use the island creation function. In addition, if someone is visiting your island, you can't use Island creation, so you can enjoy its content alone.


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