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Oct 20, 2021

Monkey King, the male protagonist in the Japanese manga "Dragon Ball" and its derivative works. Original name: Kakarot. Saiyan from the planet Vegeta was sent to the earth as a "low-level warrior" when he was young, and was adopted by the martial artist Sun Gohan. Because he lost control, he became a giant ape and lived alone in the mountains after he trampled him to death. , After getting acquainted with Bulma, he embarked on a journey to find the Dragon Ball. The dream is to keep getting stronger and to practice assiduously in pursuit of strength.
Wukong and his father's lower-level fighter Badak look the same, and even their personalities are a bit similar.
Most of his childhood clothes were blue-purple (color comics are red) martial arts uniforms or white vests, without any patterns, wearing blue trousers and a pair of black training shoes, wearing a white belt, and carrying a wishful stick. When participating in the 21st Budokai, Wu Kong wore an orange-red turtle immortal martial arts uniform. The heart of the clothes was engraved with the word "turtle", and the back was also painted with a larger word "turtle", which he wears on his hands. Blue bracers. At this time, Wukong no longer has the wishful stick.
In the early stage of Z, I wore a blue heavy vest and a tortoise pie uniform. The shoes were replaced with blue boots. There was a yellow line at the center of the front and back. Blue wristbands were also worn on the hands (shoes and wristbands are heavy clothes). Blue belt. After the resurrection of Jiewangxing, the clothes were still the tortoise-style Taoist clothes, but the words on the back were changed to "Jiewang", and the vest and wrists returned to normal clothes weight.   Dragon Ball Shoes for Sale
When he arrived at Namek, Wu Kong was still wearing a blue vest and a turtle-style robes, but the lettering on his heart and back changed to "Wu". After returning from Jadrat, he wore Jadrat’s clothes: white loose-fitting long-sleeved clothes, yellow and blue wristbands, blue and black armor with half beveled edges on the chest, shoulder pads on the left shoulder , With a white bandage on his waist and a belt hanging diagonally, his lower body is still orange pants and blue boots.  Dragon Ball Trainers UK



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