Why is my Facebook homepage not loading?

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Oct 19, 2021

Is your Facebook still not responding in your device and you have sensitive Facebook data saved on it, Looking to back it up to a computer as soon as possible it is important that you back up Facebook data in your device in order to have a copy of all your messages and images on it



Troubleshooting steps to solve Facebook not loading issue 


As suddenly increased in Facebook user or Sever hacked issue results in Facebook not loading issue and then try to open unable to rectify the problem of page load so follow here

Update your Operating System

If you are using an older version of an operating system, for instance, Android or iOS, then it is time that you upgrade to a newer version of the Operating System. More often than not, outdated versions of your Operating System can stop some websites from working correctly.

Checking Add-on and Extensions of Browser

Every browser has a special feature known as extensions or Add-on. Sometimes, a specific add-on can block you from accessing the Facebook site. Try to update the add-on or disabling them for a while. Check whether the problem persists. Facebook not responding issue can be solved by following the above method.

Check Time Settings

Make sure you check the time settings on your computer. If the time on your device is not correct, the Facebook home page will not load properly.

Restarting the Router

If restarting your device could not fix the problem, then try restarting your router. Press the on and off button and let it wait for a minute or two, then turn it back on.

Clearing Cookies and Cache data

If you use Facebook in your browser, then this process may help in solving your problem. Sometimes the cache files of the browser can stop a website from loading correctly. You should clear the cached data of your browser frequently to avoid this.

Update your browser application

If you are using Facebook in an outdated browser, then it would not load. So, first, you should update your browser to continue with uninterrupted browsing. The older versions of your browser can have bugs. You can download the latest versions of your browser from the official website of your browser.

Check Your Software Security

The security software you are making use of can directly or indirectly affect the browser's performance and thereby cause the issue. Make sure the security software on the computer is up to date and does not block the Facebook home page. You can try to turn it off for the time being and see if Facebook can load correctly then




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