How to cancel Frontier Airlines flight

How to cancel Frontier Airlines flight | kontactforhelp

Oct 19, 2021

Passengers can cancel a Frontier Airlines flight simply by visiting the airline's website, or by calling Frontier Airlines to cancel, or by visiting the Frontier Airlines airline office at the airport. Let us find out how you can navigate your Frontier Airlines flight cancellation request in the following ways:

Cancel Frontier Flight Online

  1. Visit the Official Website of Frontier Airlines
  2. The home page, at the very end, can accommodate the journey.
  3. Under Travels, click on My Travels.
  4. Click Manage Booking.
  5. In Management Reservation you will find the “Review/Modify” button under the “My Direction” option.
  6. Click on my guide
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Cancel Frontier flight by phone

If your Frontier Airlines booking does not support online cancellation, or you are canceling your flight for the first time, feel free to contact the head of the airline at Frontier Cancellation at +1-800-364-9405.

  • Wait for a Frontier Airlines agent to join.
  • Provide your 13 digit ticket number or booking reference to access your booking.
  • Check with your flight attendant to see if your flight can be canceled. If so, ask your agent what the limit cancellation allowance is for your booking.
  • According to the Frontier Cancellation Policy, flight cancellation will be applicable only on that part of the flight which was not used by the passenger.
  • You can choose to refund or travel loan for your booking. If you opt for a travel loan, the voucher will be valid for 60 days from the date of issue, provided the traveler completes the desired journey within that period.
  • After filling the cancellation request, check your registered email. Mail as soon as you receive your Frontier ticket cancellation confirmation. If you have chosen a flight reimbursement amount, the said amount will be refunded to the originally paid horse within 10 working days.

If you would like to know more about Frontier Airlines cancellation policies, travelers can contact Frontier Airlines customer support if they encounter any issues while booking a flight. Then you should contact customer care center for any doubt clear your solution later





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