Advantages of Workspace with an Adjustable Table


Nov 9, 2020

Now, many companies consider moving to use height-adjustable desks instead of traditional ones. If your boss is still thinking about whether it is worth the investment, you might give him/her some ideas to speed up the move.

For now, there are no doubts that any workspace benefits greatly if instead of the usual desks, height-adjustable items are used. Here, many reasons are considered.

How Employees Benefit from Using Adjustable Desks

For employees, this is first of all the health. When an office worker uses a traditional desk, it is connected with a number of issues. For example, prolonged sitting causes many issues such as:

  • Constant pains in the back and neck;
  • Weight gain;
  • Headaches.

In the long run, a sitting job might provoke or speed up the development of such heavy conditions as diabetes, the cardiovascular system, hypertension, and similar.

When using an adjustable desk, such as those installed in many offices in Canada, an employee can change from sitting to standing. First of all, it is an additional movement, thus, you burn more calories. It helps to avoid excessive weight gain.

Adding some physical exercises will help you to lose weight, not just to limit the weight gain. There are easy exercises that can be done without interrupting the work process. If you want to benefit maximally, add more complex exercises (for some of them, you can use your desk as a tool to do them).

When you are working in a standing position, you can stretch your muscles and make your back and neck rest. The blood circulation improves, too. The brain starts getting enough oxygen that it needs to function properly. Thus, those headaches that were connected with oxygen deficiency, will not bother you anymore.

How the Company Can Benefit from Using Adjustable Desks

For the company, changing traditional desks to height-adjustable ones is connected with significant expenses. However, these expenses pay off pretty fast. The employees get bothered less by discomfort and pains. They can concentrate better on daily tasks. The error number reduces. Thus, work is done faster and more efficiently. Your employees will get sick less. It also means fewer expenses for sick leaves.

It means that they can handle more tasks at the same time. It, in turn, brings more income to the company. You might also want to motivate the employees by increasing their salaries or introducing some bonuses. Such motivational measures have a positive impact on a company`s reputation and its well-being.


Are you still thinking whether a height-adjustable desk is a proper investment? If you believe that your health and the health of employees matter, this is an investment that shall be made. It will bring numerous benefits to health in both the long- and short-term. Also, it increases the general productivity. It means that the company can earn much more, as well as its employees. In addition, office workers will have more free time for their hobbies and the people they love.

Now, when you know all the pros and cons, you see that innovating your office in an optimal way is always a good decision that brings the best results.





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