How do I contact Facebook customer service by phone?

Facebook customer service | hannah bakerr

Oct 16, 2021

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms on which, millions and billions of people have created their accounts. As time passes, it is spreading its business by connecting itself with Instagram and WhatsApp. With the increasing number of users, their problems on the platform are also increasing. To resolve those problems, we have listed some of the methods.

If you want to contact Facebook customer service by phoneyou need to follow these steps:

·        On the search engine, search for Facebook official phone number

·        There are 3 numbers are available for the USA, Australia, and Canada

·        Select your region and the call


If you are unable to reach them on phone, there are 3 other options available alongside the contact number:

·        Complaints/ Feedback

·        Customer Service

·        General Info


In these three options, you need to select the relevant one.

1.     After that, a form will appear on your screen 

2.     Enter your mail ID, subject, and your message

3.     Enter your name and your contact id

4.     Accept the terms of services by clicking on the square box

5.     Click on proceed


You can contact Facebook by these options but, due to a lot of calling requests from the users, they might not be able to connect with you on phone. However, Facebook has provided solutions to most of the possible problems that a user can face through an automated system. Some of the alternate options are given below:

If you want to contact Facebook, you will need to follow the steps below:

1.     Log in to your Facebook account.

2.     At the right corner of your screen, click on the question mark in the circle

3.     In the dropdown menu, select "Report a Problem."

4.     If you are getting wrong comments, you can go for Abusive Content

5.     If you are facing problems with a payment issue, you can choose the Payment Issue option.

6.     If you have a problem uploading or changing something, you can choose Something that isn’t Working

7.     And if you want to send a message in your own words, you can choose the General Feedback option. 


However, it might be possible that you font get any reply through general feedback because there are a lot of users who send their feedback and it is not possible to reply to each of them.

You can also select "Help Center” where you can get the answers to some frequently asked questions as some of them have already been replied to. You can also put your question there. You need to follow these steps to reach the help center

1.     After logging in to your account go to the circled question mark

2.     From there, select help center

3.     Scroll down and select help community

4.     On the next page the top right corner, select Ask a Question.

5.     Choose your topic and post

6.     Click on the Support box you want to see the response to your problem.


You can also contact Facebook through other social media platforms

On Twitter, you can tag Facebook and post your problem with limited characters

On Instagram also, you can mention Facebook’s official handle and tell them your problem.


These were some alternative ways in case you aren’t able to contact Facebook customer service by phone. Most of the common issues have already been answered so there should not be much difficulty in getting the answer.



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