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Oct 15, 2021


Are you planning a trip with your toddler? Feeling nervous? Well, leave all your worries away and go through the below-mentioned tricks to make your travel easier. Flying with babies can sometimes become a huge hassle even if you have traveled millions of times before. Kids are the toughest travel companions as they are very difficult to handle at some point. But if you keep some points in mind while traveling, then your journey will be a pleasant experience. Some airlines like Spirit provides special care to kids and if you are way too nervous, then purchase Spirit Airlines Tickets for your trip. The airline will take special care of your kid on the flight so that you can have a wonderful flight experience. 


Hacks for traveling with babies or toddlers


  • Use the snack tray for feeding toddlers

One of the biggest concerns while flying with toddlers is feeding them. It is a big task as it is quite a mess if you don't do it properly. If you find a stroller with an attached snack tray, then opt for it without even thinking twice. It may not be light like other strollers, but it is worth the extra weight. 


  • Get the child involved in everything 

Treat your journey as an adventure and make sure to involve your baby in the entire process. Kids like to do fun things and it also includes packing their stuff. Let them decide what they want to pack and what activities they are looking for on the trip. If your kid is old enough to handle all these things, let him do it. 


  • Secure a baby to the chair with a large muslin blanket

Please ensure to tie your child to a chair with a giant muslin blanket. You can use this trick on the flight or in the restaurant as well and it works a charm. If you have a long flight with your kid and he is a naughty one, then this trick works wonders. Moreover, you can even use the baby carrier for your child to keep him on the seat. If you know that your kid will not sit properly, then try this method and thank us later. 


  • Opt for babies gadgets

There are plenty of gadgets in the market that are specially designed for kids’ convenience. These gadgets will make your journey a lot easier and you will have the utmost fun in the air. You can use the car seat for your child or you can take some toys on the flight to keep him entertained on the flight. Check out the available gadgets and purchase the right one for your little one. Kids love mobile phones, so you can bring any technology to keep your child engaged on the flight. 


  • Bring snacks on the flight

Snacks are your friends in tough situations. That’s right! Don’t miss out on packing favorite snacks for your kid and give them to him when they are kind of losing it. Usually, parents don’t prefer to give too many snacks to their kids, but while traveling these snacks will save you. 


  • Pay for a bassinet seat

It is definitely worth paying for a bassinet seat if you are flying on a long flight. This simply means that your kid can have his own space to sleep peacefully on the flight. If you are planning to travel with Spirit, then you can call on the Spirit En Espanol to know about the bassinet weight limitations. To book bassinet, inform the airline well ahead of time. 


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