5 Important Characteristics a Teacher Must Possess

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Apr 27, 2021

Teaching is considered the noblest profession in which a person passes the knowledge to people years after years. Teaching is a profession that needs skill, as one may know but still get it challenging to become a good teacher. It is essential to deliver the right material and information during teaching. The students expect a lot from the teacher, and of course, their life is based on the teacher’s teachings.


5 Features by Dissertation Team that a teacher must possess:
Everyone cannot opt for this profession. Some people thrive in this profession while some excel in it. 
Following are the five qualities that can be seen in the professional teacher: 


Help children to understand learning objectives:
It is the responsibility of every good teacher to help their students understand the learning objectives from starting. This will help the students to get the directions and order what they will cover in a particular topic. Both of them are correctly guided and know about the success criteria of the lesson. 
This will help the students find out their progress as everyone feels curious to know the end of the chapter, which helps improve learning!


If a teacher is enthusiastic, it makes all the differences in the vocation used by the person. This works for teachers. A teacher must possess this feature and exhibit zeal while delivering lectures. 
The best teacher will go the extra mile to provide benefits to her students. As she is enthusiastic and energetic, that will help her to prosper in her profession. A good teacher will never slack on the assignments and will provide knowledge to all the students equally!


Participation of students: 
It’s a teacher’s responsibility to make learning exciting and not let students feel it boring or dogmatic. A good teacher will take her students with her in every way, and her class will always be engaging and open for all, which makes the students feel free to ask and discuss whatever they want to talk about. 
This will help to enhance the relationship between the student and the teacher. A silent class will always be dull for all. A quiet class will only lead to distractions, and the students won’t learn anything from the teacher. 
A good teacher knows how to keep her students attentive in the classroom as she will use many resources to provide new knowledge. 


Prepare yourself before going in front of students:
It is never considered ethical that a teacher enters her class without having adequate knowledge of the lecture she needs to teach on that particular day. This won’t work well for students. Either the students won’t get proper education, or the teacher might get embarrassed. 
The teacher must possess a vast knowledge about the topic she might discuss with the class. The most important part of the preparation is to get a proper experience of the course. 


Managing class:
The teacher must manage her class correctly, which is the essential quality of a good teacher. This will play a good impact on the students as well that they won’t get distracted and will concentrate on the lesson the teacher teaches. A good teacher corrects if any problem occurs!
It is unpleasant to punish students. A good teacher knows to keep everything on time and provide her lecture accordingly. She will manage the time of the class. And this must also include strict timings of the course. 


Final verdict:
A teacher leaves an immeasurable impact on the student's life. Students need to care cautiously. If a teacher possesses the qualities described above, she will help a student become a better person in life!



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