Top 6 Mobile App Security Best Practices to Follow

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Oct 14, 2021


Did you know applications have become a new source of data leak? Nowadays, security plays a key role in all types of mobile applications. To ensure that the user's data stays safe while using the app, developers keep incorporating security at each step. Therefore, any company that offers Mobile application development services also focuses on the best practices to develop secure mobile apps.


In this article, we shall cover all the superb mobile app security best practices that must be in every developer's security implementation checklist. So, let's begin!


6 Best Mobile App Security Best Practices


Infusing High-Level Authentication


Strong authentication is crucial to keep your mobile app's security in place. While maintaining a solid alphanumeric password has been an old favourite technique, adding a renew password feature after every 3 to 6 months also keeps hackers at bay. Further, Multi-factor authentication has gained more popularity in recent times where a blend of both static password and dynamic OTP is used to ensure high safety. There is an availability of biometric authentication for highly sensitive apps, be it via fingerprints, face recognition or retina scan.


Validate the input data through proper parameters

As technology evolves, hackers also look for even the tiniest loopholes in your system to take advantage of it and gain access to your private data and files. As a result, they check your site diligently to look for possible means that accept malformed data.


To tackle this issue, the best and easiest way is to apply input validation. The input validation is a strategy in which a site accepts the data that is expected. In simpler words, the input data is validated against predefined parameters, and it passes the checks. Then only the data is accepted else it is rejected. For example, when users upload an image, it should be an extension that matches the standard ones, and the size should be within the standard limit. If you do not apply the parameters, the hackers can upload a malicious file under the facade of the image and can gain access to your data.


Use better key management with cryptographic algorithms.

One of the best and easiest ways to avoid encryption breaches on your mobile is to avoid storing sensitive data on it. For example, do not save your passwords and other sensitive information that can be accessed as plain text or used to gain unauthorized access.


Remember, not even the best cryptographic algorithms can protect your data if you are not using an optimal key management strategy. If the application is not protected against binary attacks, attackers can easily breach the security and get sensitive data.

Always think that the data can be breached, so never use the already decrypted algorithms until you have vast experience in the field and you know your job. Also, never try to create your unique encryption protocols on your own.


Say Yes to Threat Models

Building on the top of different frameworks and working with 3rd party API can leave you vulnerable to attacks. Threat models allow the team to understand the flow of data of every element, including the OS, frameworks, platform, and APIs, so that you can deploy strategies at every layer to protect it.

Never stop testing

Securing your data and protecting it from attacks is a never-ending job. You have to stay updated with the latest threats and upgrade your security strategies to tackle them. Always keep on checking for the loopholes and vulnerabilities of your system and never be overconfident.


Say No to Sensitive data Storage

Data storage in the user's local device can leverage the data into the hands of attackers. The best way to avoid it is by preventing data storage on local devices. If it becomes essential to store a vital piece of data, you can follow one of the two options; either ensure that encrypted data containers are used or an auto-delete feature that deletes the sensitive data on its own after a stipulated time frame.



With this, you have known about all the top practices to add mobile app security and keep the app entirely safe from the wrong hands. All companies offering mobile application development services take special care of all these prominent practices to ensure that security is incorporated strongly in the app's roots during the development phase.


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