How can I get in touch with Air Canada?


Oct 13, 2021

Air Canada provides several options to interact with its customer. You can contact Air Canada anytime using its various modes of communication. If you need to ask for any instant query or share any complaint, you can Get in touch with Air Canada anytime using the option below.

Various Sources to contact Air Canada

You can visit the Air Canada official website and locate the customer support page. From the customer support page, you can access any options below to connect to the airline.

·         Via phone call: The airline provides a customer care number that you can use to solve your queries immediately. The customer representatives at Air Canada are very smart and quick enough to solve your queries in real-time.

·         Email support: If you are not happy with your last trip or have a very good experience, you can contact the airline via email. Use the official email address of Air Canada to send your mail.

·         Chat Option: The airline also offers a chat option that you can use to connect airline. You can access the chat link from Air Canada’s website and follow the instructions to start chatting.

·         Social Media: Today, social media is on Boom; the airline is active 24/7 on its social media pages. So, you can also connect with the airline by following its social media handlers; links are available online.

·         Write to the airline: You can also write or send any hard copy to the airline. To send any physical copy, like a complaint, business document, etc., you can use the postal address of the airline.

So, using the above options, you can get in touch with Air Canada anytime. You can opt for the options as per your need. You can also visit the airline support page to get a plethora of useful links and information.



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