Of particular interest to sunken shipwreck historians


Oct 13, 2021

Of particular interest to sunken shipwreck historians and enthusiasts will be updates and discussions on Colombia’s famous San José shipwreck, which was sunk by British Naval forces in 1708, taking hundreds of people and a cargo of New World produced wealth estimated in the billions to a resting place in nearly 2000 feet/600 meters of sea water off of Cartagena. Under discussion will be prospects for recovery of the vessel, and establishment of a museum to house and display its artifacts.

For quite some time, players have been eagerly anticipating the full release of Amazon Games' New World, a brand-new MMORPG that mixes historical frontier-like adventuring with fantasy. Amazon Games' true first foray into the MMO space, New World, promises plenty of content for players to enjoy with a focus on PvP gameplay. After players find themselves shipwrecked on the haunted island of Aeternum, their adventures will bring them in contact with ancient enemies as they unravel the island's mysteries.buy coins for mmo new world

Originally announced for a 2020 release, New World has unfortunately been delayed multiple times. With New World now delayed until September 2021, players again have to wait longer to get into the game. On the bright side, development has progressed smoothly enough that many players were able to get a first taste of what the game has to offer during its closed beta test a few weeks ago. Plenty of players were fully engaged with Amazon's MMO, so much so that players spent more than 25 millions hours playing New World during the closed beta. Feedback from the closed beta will drive additional changes to the game ahead of its launch, and there are a few things players can expect out of New World's official launch.
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