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Oct 9, 2021

In the shipbuilding, aerospace and aerospace industries, a number of high-tech abrasives companies have shown their talents. Domestic products have gradually replaced imported products, and their performance has even surpassed similar foreign products. The company sends customized information to the customer. After the customer accepts the customized product information, a transaction occurs with the company.


Time is the most critical element for the realization of this model, and the method of exchanging money for time has been proven wrong. The advantages of CNC grinders can only be manifested by the use of high-quality grinding wheels, and abrasives are the most important core material that makes up the garnet sand grinding wheels, and are the foundation for the grinding wheels to achieve the grinding function. The performance, reliability and life of the product depend to a large extent on the surface quality of the main parts.


Residual stress has a great influence on the fatigue strength of parts. Selecting a reasonable cutting fluid can improve the coefficient of friction between the workpiece and the tool, reduce the cutting force and cutting temperature, thereby reducing the wear of the tool, and ensuring the quality of the workpiece. After the grinding wheel has been working for a period of time, it should be trimmed to restore the correct geometry of the grinding performance.


It is generally stipulated that when the grinding wheel is worn to a diameter that is 10mm larger than the diameter of the chuck, a new grinding wheel should be replaced. In the 13th century, shells were ground with natural rubber and adhered to parchment to make friction tools, which was five centuries earlier than France, which made sandpaper with natural emery as abrasive. By 1920, the hydraulic transmission of grinding machine had been relatively perfect, which created more favorable conditions for the use of grinding tools.


Ceria and silicate glass have high chemical activity and similar hardness, so they are widely used in glass polishing.

During the production of coated abrasives, there are harmful substances such as caustic soda, phenol and formaldehyde and the pollution of "three wastes" of wastewater, waste gas and waste. After nearly ten years of development, the market pattern of green silicon carbide abrasive tools and abrasives in China has basically taken shape. It can only meet about 1 / 3 of the needs of automobile, aerospace, machine tools, bearings, locomotives and ships.


The residual tensile stress of the surface layer will produce stress corrosion cracking and reduce the wear resistance of parts, while the residual compressive stress can prevent stress corrosion cracking. With the increase of cutting speed, the action time between tool and workpiece is shortened, so that the extension depth of plastic deformation and the depth of cold hardening layer are reduced. It is forbidden to idle the grinder without use or management. In addition, keep the shortwave turbine clean after use.


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