How to connect canon printer to wifi using wps ?


Oct 9, 2021


Configuring the Printer with wifi is very important while using a wireless printer and performing it with wps key is the most easy way to do it. Here  how to perform canon printer connection with wifi using wps method.



Before we get started we must meet certain requirements to meet for the use of this method. WPS Push button system:

  • The access point needs to be equipped with an actual WPS push button. Make sure to check the user manual for your device for details.If you find that the WPS push button isn't available , follow the directions found in the Standard Connection Method section.

  • Your network needs to be using it's WPA (Wi-Fi Secured Access) or WPA2 security protocol. The majority of WPS connected access points employ this protocol.

Connect canon Printer to wifi

  1. Make sure the printer is on and the wifi router has been restarted and ready to make a connection.

  2. Hold and press the hold the Wi-Fi button at the front of your printer till an orange alarm light flashes and then let it go.

  3. Be sure that the Wi-Fi icon begins to flash blue . Then visit your access point and hit the button. WPS [ WPS button after 2 minutes.
    For more specific information about hitting the WPS button for precise instructions, consult the manual for access points.

The blue Wi-Fi light that is on your printer can flashing as it searches for, or connecting to an access point. While setting up, it will also turn green. begin to flash. If the printer is able to establish connections to the wireless network, the green and blue lamps will cease to flash and will stay lit.


One of the most feared errors which can indicate a potentially catastrophic error with the device.
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To ensure the printer's connected to the wireless network you are connected to You can print the network settings for your printer, if you want:

  1. Make sure your printer is switched on.

  2. Take A4 or letter-sized plain papers.

  3. Hold and press and hold the "Cancel" button till the alarm lamp blinks 15 times before releasing it. The information page for the network will be printed.

When you refer to the printout, make sure whether the "Connection" means "Active" in addition to ensuring that the SSID Service Set Identifier (or that of the wireless network) will be the correct name for that wireless router.

WPS Pin Method to connect canon to wifi


  • Hit the Start button.

  • Within the menu for Setup, WiFi setup is the first choice. Hit the OK button.

  • Click the right arrow until the option to change settings appears. Press OK.

  • Use the right arrow until the WPS (PIN code) appears. Press OK.

  • The printer will run for a short time.

  • The PIN number will be displayed in the display.

  • The PIN code needs to enter into the router. Refer to the manual of your router for details about how to enter a PIN code using an electronic device.

  • After the PIN is put into the router the printer will try connecting to the router.


Once the printer says its  connected after connecting, press the OK button.

We thank you for reading and we hope this would help.




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