How do I Get my Money Back from EVA Air?


Oct 9, 2021

How to Get Back Your Refund Money from EVA Air?


If you're seeking information on how to obtain your refund money from EVA Air, you've come to the correct spot. Passengers on EVA Air have the option of cancelling a scheduled flight in the event of an emergency and requesting a refund in return. Many individuals are unfamiliar with EVA Air's refund policies for cancelled flight tickets. As a result, anybody who is unfamiliar with the rules for receiving a refund on EVA Air may learn how to get their money back by reading the instructions below.


What is the Procedure for Getting Money Back from EVA Air?


When a traveler needs to cancel their EVA Air booking due to an emergency, the first and only thing that concerns is how they will get back the money they have paid for it. Please read the following information to understand how to ask for a refund on EVA Air.


  • First of all, you have to open your browser and go to EVA Air's main website.
  • Then, on the website’s home screen, go to the Plan & Book section and select the Book online tab.
  • Next under the Booking online tab, scroll down the options and choose Refund application/inquiry.
  • After that, you must provide your ticket booking number in the designated space.
  • Afterward, in the appropriate fields, put your first as well as the last name.
  • Then, to ask for a refund hit the log-in button and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Following that, EVA Air will give you refund money back within the specified time frame confirming your request.

How do I get a refund from EVA Air? Since you can see, the best answer to this question is given above, as the online procedure for requesting refund money from EVA Air has been mentioned. However, you must be aware of the refund rules in order to determine your eligibility in the event that you must cancel a reservation with the airline. You can also seek more assistance from the airline's customer service.


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