iCloud Account Recovery | Recover iCloud account


Oct 7, 2021

However, before starting the iCloud account recovery process, you must first understand why someone needs to recover an iCloud account. When the user forgets or loses the password, the iCloud account must be restored. You can use the phone number, email address, or security question to restore it. More information on using different methods to for iCloud Account Recovery can be found below

Step 1: First, go to appleid.apple id password reset, and then click forgot Apple ID or password in the center of the page.

Step 2: You will be taken to a new page where you must enter your Apple ID or email address associated with the account. Click Continue and select I need to reset my password.

Step 3: You can now choose how to reset your password, either via email or by answering a set of security questions. Which option you choose is actually based on your personal preferences.

Step 4: Choosing an email method will prompt Apple to send instructions to your primary email address to start the process, or if you decide to make a rescue email. When you see the "Email Sent" page with a big green check mark, you know that the email has been sent. If you can’t find the email, please be sure to check your spam, spam, and trash folders, or repeat the steps above to resend the email. Using the security question requires you to confirm your birthday and answer the questions above before you can create a new password.



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