How to reset Microsoft Outlook Password?

How to reset Microsoft Outlook Password? | kontactforhelp

Oct 5, 2021

Microsoft Outlook is one of the largest email service providers in the world right now. You can use your Outlook account to send and receive emails from your friends, family, business partners. To secure your Outlook account, you must have a strong password to keep it secure. However, if you forget your Outlook password, it will be a minor problem for you, as you will not be able to access your account without it. You will need to reset your Outlook password somehow in order to access your Outlook email again.


Option 1: Recover Outlook Email Password from Outlook Application

Outlook Email Password Refixer is a small password recovery tool designed to recover MS Outlook Client passwords Other account details (POP3 SMTP accounts only). If your email account was created as a Microsoft Exchange account, you may need to recover your forgotten password by going to the Reset Your Password page online.


Step 1: Download Outlook Email Password Refixer and install it on your computer.

Step 2: After the download is complete, run the software. It will immediately display the password of the email accounts. You can also click the "Restore" button to scan the email. All types of mail accounts (for example, email address, password, mail server) that you have set up in MS Outlook.

Step 3: Back up your email password.

You can right-click on it to copy your email password, or click the Save button to save all your email accounts and their passwords to a backup file.


Option 2: Recover Forgotten Outlook Email Password Online

If you forget the password for your Outlook client with the Microsoft Exchange account configured as the email account, you can't actually recover that password, but your email. This is how you can restore your account if you have enabled 2-Step Verification.


Step 1. On the Outlook login screen, click Restore Now. Then it will open the "Reset your password page".

Step 2. Reset Your Account Enter your MS Outlook email account. Then choose Next.

Step 3. Choose one of the alternate contact email addresses or phone numbers for this account. Then choose Next.

Step 4. Enter the missing information to confirm that it is indeed your email. Email address or phone number. Next, select Get Code.

Step 5 Enter the security code "Verify your identity", then select "Next".

Step 6. Reset your Outlook account password by entering the new password. Then confirm it, choose Next.


These steps will allow you to reset your mail and reset your Outlook email password. These steps are easy. You will have no trouble resetting your Outlook email password. However, if you encounter any bugs in your Outlook or are unable to restore or sign in to your account, contact an Outlook Support Expert.





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