How Can Students Travel On A Budget?

Traveling as a student | Edward Hughes

Apr 23, 2021

We are often told that the student years are the best time for adventure. As long as we are not connected by family ties and permanent work, we can devote time to self-development, adventure, and travel.

On the one hand, this is true. During your free time, you can go to museums, amusement parks, and clubs, and have fun as your heart desires. On the other hand, there are many obstacles that students face.


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What Prevents Students from Traveling?


In this article, we will talk about travel for students. So why does tourism often become impossible? Firstly, students may not have free time. Some teachers give too many assignments. Secondly, the issue of finance often destroys all plans. Besides, students face difficulties with travels organization and finding a place to live.


Dealing with Free Time

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Let’s address these issues one by one, starting from finding time to travel. So, if you have a lot of assignments and you can’t take a break for at least a few days – try to delegate!

Fortunately, there are now a huge number of resources where you can order writing or editing of your texts, and projects creating. For example, once I made several orders at the same time on the site to free up time for travel.


Budget Travel


So, it's time to address tourism directly. We will consider aspects such as planning, transportation, housing, and luggage.


  1. Planning: Travel Agencies and Travel Blogs


Do you know why tourism has become so expensive lately? It’s because travel agencies are becoming increasingly popular. The point is that travel specialists make you a travel plan, select accommodation, buy tickets for a charter flight – you just have to pay and pack a suitcase. The cost of such services is not cheap.

A cheaper option is to plan the trip yourself. You can spy on great ideas from travel bloggers. Blogger posts will help you decide where you want to go, as well as find interesting places to visit. Very often you can find a clear plan of the tour, where to start and where to end.


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Some of the most interesting travel bloggers are Lisa Homsy and Dan Flying Solo. Lisa writes about terrifically beautiful places, cafés and restaurants, and also gives ideas for photos. Dan travels by himself, so you will definitely find tips for budget travel.


To save money on travel guides, download the free ones on your smartphone! A lot of famous travel destinations have apps under the title of the city, and those apps have maps with places of interest and their brief story, as well as route and meal places offers. It will also be a good idea to get audio guides, so you get the same information but at no cost.


13 Epic Places for Your Road Trip Bucket List


  1. Transport for Travel

Let’s start with hitchhiking – the cheapest option to get to the place of rest. Students love hitchhiking because, on the one hand, it is fun, gives the opportunity to meet new people and see interesting places along the way; on the other hand, it is cheap because drivers do not charge a very high fee (often you just travel at no cost). However, hitchhiking can be dangerous, so some prefer traditional trains and planes.


There are several sites that offer cheap tickets and great discounts. For flights, the most popular is the Skyscanner site. We also want to give you some tips on how to find the cheapest plane tickets. Buy tickets either in advance (the lowest price is the lowest) or at the last minute (if the flight departs in a few hours, prices will be very low). Choose flights on weekdays and in the afternoon. If you do not have a specific country to visit, review the countries with the cheapest flights on your dates.


There are also websites where you can find super cheap airplane tickets, as the website creators monitor the special offers from airlines all over the world and create routes based on that! Yes, you may sacrifice your comfort, but you may get unique opportunities to see the places you never thought you can afford to see!


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If you want to go and enjoy the scenery outside the window – take the train. TrainLine is the best site for ticket selection. To travel by train, buy tickets in advance, as well as enjoy a student discount (which is available in most tourist destinations!).


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  1. Housing


Remember the main rule – do not stay in hotels. Hotels are one of the most expensive accommodation options for travel.

Currently, the AIRBNB service is gaining popularity. On the site, you can find both budget and expensive housing options. In addition, the site always has many options, so you can make an urgent reservation. For example, once I made a reservation in the morning and moved there on the same day.


In addition, home host staying is also a great option. This option is more suitable if you are planning a trip for a month or more, but you can also find accommodation for a few days. The price here will be even lower than in AIRBNB. However, here’s a little advice: bring souvenirs from your country or your city for the host family. The best resources for finding host families are HomeStay and Lingoo.


Just a few months earlier, there was a great option Couchsurfing community. It is a social network of travelers who visit each other, hence are often ready to host at no cost at all. One can access it via the website and an app. However, recently the website owners made the service paid, and most of the travelers claim that this is the beginning of its end (even though the service fee is super low). You may give it a try and use it, however, plan far beforehand, and make sure your host is a responsible person. Get ready to send a loooot of requests before you get a positive response, but isn’t it worth it? Moreover, your host will most likely show you the place better than anyone does.


  1. Packing a Suitcase

Your suitcase also affects costs, because the more things you have, the more you pay for luggage. This applies to both airplanes and cars – even for hitchhiking, a large suitcase will be an obstacle.


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Take only the necessary clothes that you will definitely wear. It is best to have two sets – one will be for you and the other is a spare. If you are planning a photoshoot, take such clothes and attributes for it, that are not heavy and don’t take up much space. Remember that in most places where you stay, you will have a possibility to do the washing.


If you have managed to buy a low-cost airplane ticket, most likely you are allowed only hand luggage, and the extra luggage will cost you twice as much. You do not really need that many things with you. I know a boy who had been travelling for 3 months within the world with his 50 liters backpack which perfectly fitted the hand luggage requirements. He was a history teacher on his summer vacation, not a businessman, by the way.


Before you collect hygiene products (soap, towel, etc.), you should ask if there are such things in the place where you will stay. For example, if you are staying with a family host, you probably won’t need shampoo and soap.


If you are traveling with a company, share who is responsible for what type of things.

Of course, a budget trip requires more preparation, and it’s harder than going to a travel agency. However, it is more interesting, because planning will ignite in you even more desire to travel. And the trip will be designed specifically for you! 


How Can Students Travel On A Budget?

Edward Hughes

Have you ever wondered how students manage to travel and not spend a lot of money? In fact, it’s not that difficult if you know a few life hacks. Here we reveal the main secrets!