Rice DDGS Manufacturers in India

DDGS Manufacturer in India | Chirag

Sep 30, 2021

Are you looking for high-quality rice ddgs for animal or poultry feeds? Prorich Agro Foods is one of the leading rice ddgs manufacturers and suppliers in India. We're producing high nutrition and high quality rice ddgs products. Call us at +91-9910134545 and avail nutritious rice ddgs in poultry feed. Trusted by thousands of Indians, Prorich Agro Foods is one of the most renowned companies for manufacturing and supplying ddgs feed supplements for cattle, fish and poultry livestock in India.




Prorich Agro Foods


An able entrepreneur, a business enthusiast and a passionate individual, Mr. Chirag Garg entered this industry with a novel idea of creating awareness about this rich alternative source of protein for cattle which was otherwise faintly known in this trade. https://prorichagro.com