Is cyber security hard for beginners?


Sep 30, 2021

How hard is Cybersecurity for Beginners? 


Computers are indispensable today. We can’t live without them. Everything is so much dependent upon digital equipment and the dependency is going to loom over even more. With smart houses and connected equipment life is going to be even cozier. 


But do you know the complexities behind the scenes? It is exorbitantly complicated. And not only that but also what happens if something breaks into our connected world. That is exactly where cybersecurity or information security comes into the picture. 


Now if you are interested in being a cybersecurity professional then there might be a question looming over your head and that is - is it hard to learn cybersecurity? The answer to that question is a yes. 


That is because you not only must know how to create systems but also be one step ahead of the attackers and know the strengths and weaknesses of your system and how to thwart potential dangers. 


You should have the knowledge of the entire system and find loopholes before the hackers and try to plug them in before they get exploited by someone else. 


If you are interested in this challenging career then you need to forge yourself for this extremely difficult job. In the next section, we are going to take up what you can do to be a successful cybersecurity personnel.


How to be cybersecurity personnel?


You need to have a good overview of the entire cybersecurity environment in the first place. Some of the important topics are:


  • Networking

Network fundamentals are necessary to enter cybersecurity. This is the most vulnerable place for attackers to look for weaknesses. You need to be good at networking concepts and practical implementations.


  • Operating Systems

This is another domain where you need to have a strong foothold in the OS as well. Attacks come through the network and attack the OS only. So you need to be more strong in the OS of the various computers and work towards making it stronger. 


  • Cryptography

Cryptography is the way to block attacks. You need to be the best in cryptography. This technology is the way to defend yourself. It is the way for you to encrypt and decrypt information that you send across various networks and within various parallel and distributed computers. 


  • Threats and defense

You need to update yourself with various existing threats and be ready with the defenses. You should not only be aware of the existing ones but also aware of the latest ones and the challenge is to be one step ahead of hackers.


  • Various programming languages and their strengths and weaknesses

The various programming languages make the core of the digital world. You should know the proper usage of the most appropriate language and the related strengths and weaknesses associated with those languages.


To learn all of it you can take up a Cyber Security training online certification program and make yourself an expert in the above dominions and start a career in cybersecurity. 


When you go for the certification you can have lots of knowledge and hands-on experience with the concepts that are important in the path of cybersecurity. However, you need some experience in your portfolio to get the Cyber Security certification.


What do you need to do to get a certification in Cyber Security?


You need to be a graduate in IT-based discipline such as aforementioned fields and then you need to begin with a job as a fresher. Get your hands-on experience with the job and then enroll for a Cyber Security Certification Training.


You need to be very good in at least one programming language and have an overview of other popular programming languages. This will give you an understanding of how things are working relative to others. 


If you get proper training and hands-on with the concepts then getting a Cyber Security professional certification may not be difficult and rather an enjoyable experience. 


Cybersecurity is quite an important field of study particularly when we are going the digital way all the way. The way we pay, the way we read, the way we do our banking and do our businesses, everything is going the digital way. 


We need to be aware of our environment and be as safe and protected as possible. The way to do this is to get a Master's in Cybersecurity or get an ISC squared CISSP. That is considered the best certification in the entire industry and is quite a difficult certification to pursue.


If you are challenging yourself to be a Cyber Security professional then it is nice and hope we could provide you useful information.



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