Which is Affordable: DaaS or On-Premises VDI?

Bhavleen Kaur

Sep 30, 2021

Today, office PCs don’t make sense in the corporate world. We live in a world where more than half of the workforce operates remotely, and office desktops only restrict our movement and working patterns. Therefore, the rise of VDI and DaaS. 
Both Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) are intertwined closely. These are two ends of the same road with some noticeable and valuable differences. While VDI infrastructure is on-premise, in your office, and managed by your IT team, DaaS is on the cloud server managed by the DaaS provider. 
Naturally, there’s a significant pricing difference between DaaS and VDI. In this article, we will discuss what is affordable: DaaS or VDI. 
Which One Is Affordable: Comparing The TCO
Hosted VDI pricing includes the services offered by the cloud provider, and VDI costing includes the management of the entire infrastructure. Let's explore how Desktop as a Service pricing can prove economical for your business.  
1.    Endpoint Management
The first consideration for cost is endpoint usage. This is the device that your employees use to access VDI or DaaS desktops. In this case, both VDI and DaaS allow you to use the same desktop devices for a long time. When you need to upgrade the configuration, you can change the virtual Desktop's configuration.
This means that both VDI and DaaS help you use your office desktops and devices for longer. You don’t need to repurpose and re-purchase hardware every few years. 
Desktop as a Service Pricing = VDI pricing
2.    The hardware of the Data Center
When creating an in-house VDI, you have to pay for many hardware and tangible units of the structure. These incur a large capital expense. 
Contrary to this, DaaS infrastructure is created using VDI at the backend, but the cloud provider manages it. Hence, the cloud provider collects Desktop as a Service pricing for setting up the hardware. 
Desktop as a Service Pricing < VDI Pricing
3.    Servers
In the VDI setup, your business needs to add servers to the infrastructure. These servers are run on different hardware and software units. The machines used for the setup are costly. While this expense is according to your business's performance and processing power requirement, it is still more than DaaS.
Desktop as a Service cost, in this case, is again mitigated, as server setup, including the RAM, are virtually managed by the provider for individual desktops of the business. This infrastructure is on the cloud, and you are just renting a space to virtually using some resources of the server and RAM.
Desktop as a Service Pricing < VDI Pricing
4.    Storage
In VDI solutions, you have set up the storage servers as well. This storage includes the GB and disk space needed by your virtual desktops. When you scale your desktops, this increase acquires some space on your server. This means that scaling will cost you money. You may have to buy new storage now and then.
Hosted VDI pricing, in this case, entails fixed Pricing per Desktop. The cloud provider has many servers catering to various businesses. When you have to scale, they offer you additional resources immediately. Now, here you are, paying for the extra storage, but you are not paying for purchasing the hardware and software needed to increase resources and storage. 
Desktop as a Service Pricing < VDI Pricing
5.    IT Team 
When setting up a VDI server in-house or on-premise, your IT team is responsible for the entire setup. This means they are setting up, centralizing, running, troubleshooting, securing, and looking after the server. 
They take care of the following:
•    Desktop maintenance
•    Downtime management
•    Encryption and data security
•    Scalability management
•    Continuous monitoring
•    Endpoint support
•    Application hosting
•    Access control
•    External firewalls
•    Physical management of the server
•    Network engineering
•    Load balancing
This means that you need to spend a considerable amount of money on managing your IT team as well. You can't have a team of two handling every task for the VDI.
In place of this, hosted VDI pricing is less because the cloud provider looks after the infrastructure. They set up the entire infrastructure and offer every service from security to load balancing. Your IT team only needs to overlook the access control, manage in-house tangible units, and resolve employees' queries. You can easily manage with an IT team of two.
Desktop as a Service Pricing < VDI Pricing 
Costs of DaaS and VDI
    VDI Pricing    Desktop as a Service Pricing
Endpoint Pricing    No upfront endpoint costs    No upfront endpoint costs
Hardware    High upfront hardware costs    No upfront hardware costs
Server    High upfront server costs    No upfront server costs
Storage    High upfront storage costs    No upfront storage costs
IT Management    High upfront IT management and team costs    Low, upfront IT management and team costs

In DaaS, there is no upfront cost. The best devices to access the virtual desktops are the ones you already have. You can allow BYOD to reduce the cost of hardware and office PCs. 
In VDI, there’s so much upfront cost. While you don’t need end devices, you still need to manage the hardware.  
Therefore, overall, DaaS is much more cost-effective than VDI implementations. It mitigates your hassle and reduces your costs to a large extent. Further, due to the efficiency of cloud services providers, small, medium, and large enterprises can use DaaS without thinking about performance lags, maintenance issues, infrastructural control, etc. Most DaaS providers now offer highly customized environments according to the needs and size of your organization. So, you can receive optimum support, services, storage, scalability, and control at optimum Desktop as a Service costs.  
Desktop as a Service costs is much lower than on-premise VDI. Your management and capital expenses are mitigated to a large extent. DaaS offers you workforce flexibility without the hassle of managing on-premise infrastructure, IT requirements, and scalability needs of the office. Pay a fixed Desktop as a Service pricing to the provider and receive optimum support. 


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