How can I set up Canon PIXMA MG3540 wifi on my computer?

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Sep 28, 2021

Some access points (also known as routers or hubs) include a WPS labeling button that stands for wifi Protected Setup. This lets devices like your PIXMA printer connect to your network without having to input passwords and allows you to connect your devices quickly and easily. This technique is the easiest way to connect your PIXMA printer. Please pick the 'WPS Connection Method' below if your access point includes a WPS button for the instructions on connecting with this method. Experts of Canon keeps on facing technical snags and often put-up questions like how do I connect my Canon Pixma Printer to my computer or ways to set up Canon Pixma MG3540 on computer. Read this blog as it can be helpful for you. 

Use WPS Connection Method

In order to utilize the WPS push button technique, some requirements must be fulfilled before we start:


  • A physical WPS pushbutton is required for the access point.

  • Check the user handbook for details about your device.

  • Please utilize the steps in the Standard Connection Method if the WPS push button is not available.

  • The WPA or WPA2 security protocol must be used by your network. This protocol is used by most WPS-enabled access points.

Step 1

  • Ensure the printer is activated.

  • Hold on top of the printer the [wifi] button until the alert bulb blinks.

Step 2


  • Make sure the next lamp starts flashing blue, and then you go to the point of access and push [WPS] within 2 minutes.

  • Please refer to its user guide for specific instructions about the launch of WPS on your access point.

  • The (blue) wifi light on the printer will continue to blink during the search. When connected to the access point, the power and wifi lights will flash.

  • When the printer connects to your wireless network successfully, the power and wifi bulb stop blinking and remain illuminated.

Network settings confirmation

You can print your printer's network settings if you need to validate that your printer is successfully connected to your wireless network:

  • Make sure the printer is on. 

  • Load an A4 board or plain paper in letter size.

  • Click and hold down [Resume/Cancel] until 15-fold, and then release the clamp.

  • You will print out the network information page.

In this printout, please verify that your "Service Set ID" (the name of your wireless network) reflects your wireless network's right name. "Active" is indicated in the linkage. The WPS setup procedure has concluded. You should now install your PIXMA MG3540 to make the most of it. Please download the manuals and software if you don't have the installation CD with your product.

Read this blog if you want to find out how do I connect my Canon printer to my computer. Go through the steps that are given above, as you would be able to find the answer to the significant questions like, how to set up Pixma printer wifi? 






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