Rocket League Ranks and the Number of Hours Required for Each


Sep 27, 2021

In order to progress and achieve your goals, you must put in the necessary hours of practice and dedication.
The fact that everyone moves at a different pace must be kept in mind at all times. Every player in Rocket League progresses at a different pace, which makes it difficult to compare one to another.
In this article, we'll go over the average number of hours spent at each rank in Rocket League to give you a better idea of where you stand in relation to the rest of the game's population.

Bronze (from 0 to 150 hours) is the least expensive metal.
This is the first time you've played the game. It's likely that you've been playing ranked games for 5-10 hours before you even get to play your first.
This is a rank that is based entirely on previous accomplishments and accomplishments. When it comes to your hour count, there isn't anything noteworthy to say. Your primary goal is most likely to enjoy yourself and your teammates while earning Silver as quickly as possible. You aren't concerned with how many hours it takes you to reach Silver.
Because Bronze is the lowest possible rank in the game, all players are simply there to have fun and become acquainted with the game's mechanics. The experience will eventually pay off, and silver will be discovered through pure mechanical advancement.

A silver finish (150–300 hours) is available.
After making improvements, you are now seeing an increase in your ranking. Your goal is to continue climbing the ranks after gaining 150 hours of experience. You've come to the realization that every hour you put in increases the amount of experience you've gained.
After reaching Silver, players will notice a marked improvement in their game, will recognize their ability to rank up, and will actively pursue this goal by playing the game to achieve the next level of advancement.

Gold (300–500 hours) is the highest level of achievement.
A game can be completed in 300-400 hours and the player has reached the top 50% of the rankings. After 600-800 hours, you should be in the top 1% of the population, correct?
Unfortunately, this is not the correct answer. Progressing from here only becomes more difficult and time-consuming.
It is common for players to progress to the next level after achieving Gold status. A huge motivational boost comes from realizing that you are in the top 50%. The reality, however, is that you are about to reach ranks that take significantly longer on average to climb, and from here on out, it will all be about improving your performance.

Platinum (500 – 800 hours) is the highest level of commitment.

After reaching Platinum, you will likely experience a plateau and be stuck in one rank for a longer period of time than normal.
As a result of the increase in the rank's skill cap, this has occurred. To develop sufficiently to achieve that next rank, the player must generally log more hours on the field.
Whenever you reach a plateau in any endeavor you put your mind to, it is natural to question why you are still engaged in that endeavor and whether you should proceed. Players in Rocket League are unaware that everyone reaches a certain point in the game's progression.
The best way to break through is to either practice your mistakes every day or to get a coaching session where you can have someone who knows a lot about the game point out things you weren't aware you were doing wrong.

A diamond is one that has between 800 and 1200 hours of use.
You are proving to be a formidable opponent with approximately 800-1000 hours under your belt. In Diamond, players are learning new skills such as controlled air dribbles and flip resets, as well as honing their existing skills such as fast aerials, half flips, and fundamental touches.
With every hour you put into Diamond, you will find yourself hitting the things you want on a more consistent basis, which will eventually lead to you being promoted to Champion.
It appears that it will take a significant amount of time to move up one rank, but the difficulty increases as you move up the ranks. While climbing the ladder, you will find that it takes an increasing amount of time for you to fully comprehend each new skill you learn while also mastering those you already know.

(1200–2000 hours): Champion (1200–2000 hours):
With thousands of hours spent playing the game, you have achieved champion status, placing yourself among the top 2.5% of players in the world, but you still have a lot to learn about the game
All of your hours are being spent learning things like flip resets, which may come in handy in some situations, but the majority of players are devoting their time to mastering advanced rotational techniques.
Learning how to properly position yourself on the field and how to assist your teammates into the play is one of the most time-consuming skills to master. Only by playing ranked matches over and over again, while watching and following rotation, can you become proficient at knowing when and where to be in a particular position..

Exceptional performer (2000 – 3000+ hours) Grand Champion
Grand Champion is the second-highest rank available in the game, earned after more than two thousand hours of playtime!
As a player who is currently ranked in the top 0.6% of all players, you are dangerously close to reaching the very top of the ladder, but you still have thousands of hours to put in. A significant variation in the number of hours is required by Grand Champions. It's possible to make it with less than two thousand dollars, but others may struggle to maintain their position with three or four thousand dollars in their bank account.

Every individual progresses through the ranks at a different rate, with some moving more quickly than others. However, when it comes to starting Grand Champion, the time difference can be thousands of hours.
Seeing that others have clocked over a thousand hours more than they have can be discouraging for some people. However, at this point in the climb, your primary focus should be on achieving the final rank.
People who work fewer hours are more likely to concentrate on honing their skills and habits, either by analyzing their own performance or by having a coach point out flaws in their approach.
Whether you have less than two thousand dollars or more than five thousand dollars, the important thing is that you use the hours in the future to concentrate on your ultimate goal.
Three thousand and more sonics are produced by the Legend of the Supersonic.
You have finally reached the top of the ranked ladder after thousands of hours of toil. It is not necessary to stop here, however. Despite the fact that you have likely spent over three thousand hours playing and have achieved the highest rank, this does not imply that you are the best player available.
Despite the fact that Supersonic Legend is the highest rank in Rocket League, it is not the most skilled player. The next and final step is to work toward reaching the top of the leaderboards and competing against even some professionals in ranked play.
In order to compete with the best players in Rocket League, you must first obtain Supersonic Legend, which takes thousands of hours to obtain. However, this does not mean you should stop there. It takes thousands of hours to reach the Top 100 and beat professional players in ranked play, which is the next and final step after that.
To reach Supersonic Legend on average, it takes more than three thousand hours of playtime for the pros in Rocket League, indicating that there is still a lot of work to be done.

Work on your skills over and over again.
To summarize, it takes a significant amount of time and effort to make significant progress in Rocket League, just as it does in anything else you set your mind to accomplish. There is an average number of hours it takes most players to rank up in each rank and the number of hours increases dramatically as you progress up the ranks.
Thousands of hours of practice are required to become one of the best. If you want to move up the corporate ladder, know that it is possible, but it will take a great deal of dedication and perseverance. A coaching session with me is also available if you require more personalized assistance.


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