30 Outstanding College Essay Topics For Your Next Semester

Education | Emily Moore

Apr 23, 2021


Can you write my essay for me?” This is the most common request online writers receive from students across the globe. Most students fear essay writing because they lack the skills, but they don't know what topic to choose.

Whether you hire the best or a cheap essay writer, s/he would advise you to choose a topic from a genre you are interested in.  

Although essay writing tools like essay-makers and spell checkers are also popular among students, such devices are not always practical.

If you are struggling to brainstorm ideas and planning to use tools or request an essayist, “please write my paper,” we have a better alternative!

Below we’ve enlisted some interesting essay topics to help you write A1 quality essays. Refer to the list whenever you require, so you don't have to ask experts, “can you write my essay for me.”


  1. Should students be allowed to curate their school curriculum?
  2. Identify the role of physical education in today’s time.
  3. Are people born with the art of being a politician?
  4. Technology and isolation – are they related?
  5. Selling tobacco should be penalised.
  6. Should rape victims abort?
  7. Is boredom the root cause of trouble among teenagers?
  8. Should parents be punished for poor parenting?
  9. Differently-abled parents should be allowed to adopt.
  10. The legalisation of alcohol in Islamic countries.
  11. How has parenting changed over the last decade?
  12. Describe meeting your idol.
  13. Imagine you are the leading actor in your favourite movie. Describe the feeling.
  14. An incident from your daily life that restored your faith in humanity.
  15. Discuss an experience that taught you about deceiving
  16. How would you deal with the death of a loved one?
  17. What’s your life’s biggest regret?
  18. Your idea of a perfect weekend.
  19. Analyse the relationship between America and Russia.
  20. Consequences of drug abuse on teenagers
  21. Influence of social media on child trafficking
  22. If you could swap your life for a day with someone, who would it be?
  23. Is the Feminism movement effective in the 21st century?
  24. What is pain and betrayal to you?
  25. The world should accept same-sex marriage.
  26. Kindness can change someone’s heart.
  27. Hobbies can make you a better person.
  28. What do you understand of “Feminism?”
  29. Parents shouldn’t have a favourite child.
  30. Should specially-abled people have regular jobs?


Don’t jeopardise your essay assignment by choosing any random topic on the internet. Bookmark this list and start with your project early to avoid last-minute anxiety. Good luck!

Summary: Writing an essay from scratch is scary as it is. But when you have to choose the topic, the pressure hits a new mark. If you have an urgent essay to work on but can't find a suitable topic, the above mentioned topics may come in handy.



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