Working Principle And Advantages Of Horizontal Sand Mill


Sep 26, 2021

In the chemical industry, the dispersion process is an important part. For example, paints, coatings, dyes, printing, pesticides, etc. will be used for dispersion engineering, and the main function of dispersion is to disperse solid particles in liquid media. The so-called dispersion actually consists of three stages:

1. Wetting: the gas adsorbed on the surface of the solid particles is replaced by a liquid.

2. Grinding: The condensed particles are broken into original particles by mechanical force.

  1. Dispersion: It is the migration of the wetted raw material particles into the liquid medium to produce long-lasting particle separation.


The traditional dispersing grinding machine has been dominated by three-roller and ball mill. Since the invention of the erect sand mill, the grinding and dispersing machine has entered a new era. In 1966, European scientists developed a horizontal sand mill to further improve the shortcomings of the vertical sand mill. In addition to the advantages of the upright sand mill, the forced separation automatic cleaning device was used to increase the filling rate of the beads. No pollution, energy saving, no noise, etc., became the mainstream of the dispersion grinding machinery at that time. 


Horizontal sand mill is a kind of horizontal dispersion machine for continuous wet production of ultra microns. It's operation process is to us use the high-viscosity pump, such as cogwheel pump, to input the well-mixed raw material into the grinding chamber of the main machine. The grinding chamber is filled with a proper quantity of grinding medium, such as glass beads. The grinding media is driven by and the dispersing disc to disperse with the shear force. The grinding media and the dispersed mater are separated by a special separating device and respectively discharged.Because the operation skill is not highly required as that of the three-roll mill, the dispersion quality is consistent and excellent and the continuous production is achieved, the sand mill is used to increase the quality and reduce the cost, as well to Disperse the high viscosity msterials, such as the ones in varnish, printing ink, dyestuff, correction fluid, cosmetic, agricultural chemical, electronics and paper making industries.


Advantages of horizontal sand mill

  1. The output has high dispersion efficiency, and the horizontal sand mill can be continuously produced. Because of the excellent dispersion effect, the output is large.


  1. Economical, noise-free, fully sealed process saves solvent costs.


3. Easy color change, easy to load and unload cleaning. The design of horizontal sand mill has taken into account the possibility of color change and the minimum dead angle. Therefore, the cleaning is very easy. The special bead valve can leak the beads without disassembling the machine.


  1. material selection, durable, with exquisite design, the use of advanced wear-resistant steel, excellent wear resistance, special material pneumatic diaphragm pump, the failure rate is small without special maintenance.


5. It can be appropriately selected according to the material of the required parts. In special occasions of water-based materials or no pollution, special materials such as high-strength steel or special parts can be used to obtain higher quality.


6. After the feed is sent, the upper feed is fully ground by the grinding bucket and then output from the top, and no dead angle is generated in the grinding bucket.


Hi, I am AlexDear


Hi, I am AlexDear.