What's the Different Between Horizontal Sand mill and Vertical Sand Mill?


Sep 26, 2021

Grinding bead mill is mainly depends on the grinding media and material between the high-speed rotating role for grinding work. Grinding bead mill is also called sand mill. According to the external form, The equipment is mainly can be divided into vertical bead mill and horizontal bead mill.


Not only external difference? Let's Learn what is the difference between them in performance.


First of all, Vertical sand mill due to avoid the sealing problems ,easy to manufactured, low cost . So vertical sanding machine is more suitable for some less requirements product .

If you need a high quality product manufacturing. Horizontal sand mill manufacturing instead is quite a good choice .even cost more, but it can ensure the sealing material and prevent contamination of the product, And good enough to ensure the purity of the product. more suit some high requirements precision ,fineness products.


Secondly, Grinding media of Vertical sand mill grinding chamber should be under the influence of gravity, Low medium filling rate and the distribution is not uniform, So that there is not a ideal grinding effect. But horizontal sand mill can be very good to overcome the gravity effect on medium, which has good grinding effect, can meet the product requirements for fineness.


Third, we come from cost comparison. Vertical grinding machine at the time of downtime, grinding medium in the bottom of the grinding chamber. Then, a boot, blade and beads produced strong friction .Easy to broken bead events occur cause media media beads is too concentrated .


Fourth, Vertical sand mill is generally use ordinary materials, Horizontal sand mill generally choose tungsten carbide metal materials.


Horizontal sand mill and vertical bead mill is different placed, due to the influence of gravity and made of different materials, produce a lot of different. However, they all have their own place, customers and marketing .As a user only need to understand the characteristics to better choose for more suitable products.


The grinding media used for the two sand mills are different. Usually, vertical sand mill will use 2-4mm glass bead while horizontal sand mill will use 0.8-3.0mm zirconia grinding bead. And this results in quite different grinding effect. Firstly, zirconia grinding bead is made of high hardness, high wear-resistance ceramic material, the wear rate and bead consumption is relatively lower and thus to save the beads cost and will also save the time for beads changing and broken beads cleaning. Grinding media sizes of horizontal sand mill could be 0.8mm with high density up to 6.3g/cm³. Finer size of grinding bead could generate larger shearing force and could cut the grind the agglomerated particles sufficiently. Therefore, horizontal sand mill could realize ultra-fine grinding. It is suitable for micro grinding, sub-nano grinding and also nano grade grinding. But as for the vertical sand mill, limited by the grinding media and grinding cylinder direction, the vertical sand mill could only realize micro grade grinding.


Hi, I am AlexDear


Hi, I am AlexDear.