How to wear a headband wig human hair faster by women?

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Sep 23, 2021

How to wear a headband wig properly?  

Step 1. Brush hair back and wear the wig
To wear a headband wig, you will have to brush all your hair back first and wear the wig. You can bring the wig cap all the way to the front, but it will look more natural if you leave some of your hair out to lay baby hair.

Step2. Wear the wig and use the velcro to adjust the wig to your head size
The headband wig comes with a stretchy band around it to secure the wig with frontal and bundles. It has 4 combs around the whole wig, one at the top, one at both sides and one at back. You put on the wig with 613 closure first and attach the comb to your hair. Adjust the velcro to your head size and securely fasten the headband. At last, neaten the back where your hair is sticking out. And now you are ready for the next step.

Step3. Do a little brushing and make the baby hair natural
You can also save this step, it is pretty easy and it won’t affect your final look at all. Brush your baby hair a little and make it more natural.

Step4. Put the headband on and do styles
That’s it, it takes just a minute or even less than that to wear a headband wig. Now you’ve come to the last step. Put the beautiful and colourful headband on to make the black band unseen and also make your hair more beautiful. You are ready to do your style now, you can put up or ponytail on a hot summer day, do an updo or style it the way you want.

Each wig unit is made to fit most customers’ heads. Some full lace wigs cheap with hair hand-tied to the lace require high maintenance. For those who are suffering hair loss, bald scalp or simply prefer a natural-looking and glue-less wig, a headband wig is an outstanding alternative to those wigs with laces that need glue or adhesives while applying. They can be secured on your head and stay put without any wig glue, no matter however you want to style it.

Headband wigs come with a soft fabric cap that is breathable, and a flexible headband to secure the wig. You won’t discover any lace on a headband wig. It can be securely fastened by a headband, velcro and some combs inside the cap. So, the headband wig is lace-less, it doesn’t need glue while applying, thus protecting your skin from bad-quality glue. See, no itchy or allergic skin. 

A headband wig is a hair wig that comes with a headband. To be more detailed, a headband wig is the type of wig with human hair sewn on a wig cap, along with a flexible and silky headband attached. The wig cap is made of breathable fabric material. With 4 combs around the cap and an adjustable Velcro at back, the elastic cap covers around 3/4 of your head, so a headband wig is also referred to as a half wig.

Installing a headband wig takes you just one or two minutes, ten at the top. Since it doesn't need wig glue to install, the headband wig can protect your hairline from damage. 

The breathable fabric cap covers the entire scalp, making the headband wig very comfortable to wear even on a hot summer day. Your scalp will be well protected. The headband wig is very light, it is just like your own natural hair.


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