How to learn to write for profit


Sep 22, 2021

Do you want to learn how to write a book and how to build a business doing it? It really isn’t as difficult as you might think, provided you have the writing talent and communication skills required of any writer.

Writing for profit doesn’t require a college degree. But you can’t build a business doing it unless you have excellent writing skills, so education can be quite helpful. In most cases, at least a high school diploma combined with some real-world experience is needed to succeed.


Writers are required to create everything from the newspaper articles you read to the scripts for epic movies, from every web page you visit to the technical manuals that come with your computer and other hardware. The exact area of writing that you enter for profit may be different based on your skills, preferences and past experiences.

Writing can be profitable and a home-based business can be built around it or you might want to have a store-front business. That decision depends on the writing you choose.



Writing a novel is a great way to make profit, but the task is lengthy and you may want to learn how to build a business around writing that will bring income to you much more rapidly. You might want to consider writing freelance articles, either for web content, magazines, newspapers, ezines, newsletters or any other type of publication. For example, I work in an online essay writing service, students often contact me and I am happy to provide them with dissertation help. Many magazines accept freelance articles from unknown authors. Frequently, newsletters are happy to pay for articles if they are top quality and informative on a subject their readers want to see.


Today, people are learning how to build a business doing writing for profit by jumping into the web content arena and just doing it. There are thousands of people seeking writers to write or ghostwrite articles for web content and some of these articles are probably on topics you know well.


If you have never written for profit, you probably wonder how to build a business doing it. You can find numerous online resources to help you. There are Internet-based services that, for a small fee to join and a percentage of each job, act as a clearinghouse of job postings, allowing providers to bid on jobs that buyers need to have written. Blogs are another place you may find postings about someone needing material written. Posted on these locations, you’ll find every type of writing for profit from development of resumes to sales letters to web content to business plans.


When writing for profit, you must make certain your content is interesting and well written. The subject must be meaningful to an audience and the facts must be accurate. If you are using this writing as part of your portfolio (You can find my portfolio at, which is necessary if you want to get into the how-to’s of starting a business writing, you’ll want to ensure it is compelling, well formatted, and that the grammar is absolutely perfect.


Learning how to write for profit and how to build a business doing it can be a lot of fun. Running your business, as it grows, can also be lots of fun. You have the opportunity to learn about lots of new topics, be creative and often you can even create your own schedule and work from home in your pajamas if you choose!



Kevin Holloman


I am a biology teacher, I love books and music, I try to write in my free time