Why 10kw Solar System with Battery Backup for your Home?


Sep 22, 2021

A 10kw solar system already installed in your home?

Ever thought, what would happen if you add battery backup to it?

In the following portions of the blog, we’ll find out. We’d explore all the factors supporting adding a battery backup to the 10kw solar system.

Firstly a 10kw solar system with battery backup will revoke your dependence on the grid. You can go off-grid. It will save the dollars that you pay to the power grids. Other than this, there are numerous benefits that we’d discuss further.


Why You Should Install 10kw Solar Panels For Home?

So following are the reasons why you must go for a 10kw Solar System With Batteries for your home:


A Continuous Flow Of Electricity:

The first advantage of adding battery backup to your solar system is an uninterrupted power supply.

Sometimes, due to any major fault in the power grid supply, there is a power cut. That could last for hours, maybe days in worst cases. If you are self-reliant on your power supply, you don’t have to worry about it.

A 10kw solar panel system with batteries enables you to cut off from the grid. You can generate your power supply.


 Save Your Money:

 In Australia, “time of use” tariffs are generally applied. Where the rate of electricity increase with the demand. In such cases, you can save your money. But it would be possible only if you are self-reliant for your whole power supply.

So, switch to a full backup of electricity and save your money.


Overcome The Solar Size Limit:      

The power supply networks have restricted the size of solar panels to be used by their consumers. Most of them have limited the size of 10kw solar panels. This interferes with the demands of the people having energy requirements more than the set limit.

This problem can also be solved by going off-grid. A 10kw solar system with battery storage will allow you to do so.


Best Investment In The Long Run:

A 10kw Solar System With Battery Backup price may seem a bit high in the beginning. But when you compare it with the money you’ll save on tariffs after going off-grid; it’d seem like a good investment.

Australia is a sunny country. You don’t have to worry about your power backup if you have installed batteries along with your solar system. It’d generate enough power supply for your household.


Installing a solar system with battery backup may require heavy capital. When you see it as an investment, it is a smart one.

The 10kw off-grid solar system price can go from $20,000 to $ 26,000. But it is good to go set up for 20-25 years. It will pay off much more than its initial cost. It also doesn’t require any maintenance. So it’s an ‘install and live happily ever after’ kind of thing.


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