How to Update Magellan Map - Quick Guide

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Sep 22, 2021

If you want to get the best navigation results, you need to install a GPS. And what is better than installing Magellan Maps. But if you want to make sure that you use this GPS navigation, then you need to make sure that you constantly update Magellan map.


There are certain ways that you have to follow in order to update the device. If you are looking to update the Magellan device, then you must have landed at a safe place. With the steps mentioned below, you will be able to update Magellan maps.


Magellan maps are very versatile and everyone needs to reach on time anywhere they are going through the shortest possible route. There are many users who are using this GPS system.


When you do not update the devices, you are going to lead to various issues such as you not going to your preferred destinations or going through a way that is closed or has been rerouted.


How to Update Magellan Map - Quick Guide

Connect GPS Device with Computer

The first thing that you need to do is to connect your GPS device with the computer using a USB wire. After that, you will see that the GPS is going to perform a fast system check and is going to show you the relevant pop-up icon window on the display.


As soon as the check is going to be completed, you will get a window through which you will be able to see the updates. Well, that updates can be for the air, fleet, ground, or for the Off-road categories.


Download the GPS Map


Well, Magellan also offers GPS map updates for GPS devices. Once you see that the GPS update download gets completed, then a pop-up window will come or is going to reflect on the screen that will indicate the starting of the downloaded maps on the computer screen.


After that, you need to wait until you see that the system responds.


Complete the Installation Process


When you see that the Pop-up window starts the transfer process on the PC, then you simply need to wait till the device is going to finish downloading. Well, you do not have to do anything now as it is an automatic process.


When you see that the update process is completed, then you can have access to the best navigation results.


Well, if you are facing the issue and are not able to update Magellan maps, then get in touch without experts. They will provide you with the best steps and solutions!


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