How to boost the productivity of remote working with CRM?

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Apr 21, 2021

When you look at Customer Relationship Management or CRM objectively, you will find that it is an excellent tool that can help you boost your sales and identify new and improved methods for promoting your company's products and services. For example, company managers often mention that CRM can be used as a work management system.  


It can also be used to evaluate employees' performance and understand customer feedback. Sometimes it isn't easy to provide support to employees when they are working remotely. Here best CRM software can prove to be a helpful tool, which company managers can use to provide them with the support they require. Based on the customer feedback, company managers can do workflow management, schedule tasks, allocate, or work, and ensure the smooth working of a company.  


This is especially important for eCommerce firms that are direct consumer-facing companies. It is vital to ensure that employees are not overburdened with work and customers are satisfied with its support. Thus, based on the CRM system's data, task allocation, and work schedule can ensure smooth working. Some of the other ways that CRM can help promote productivity, especially for employees working remotely, is as follows: 


  1. CRM data maintenance 

When you plan to use CRM system to provide feedback to your employees working remotely, you need to use the CRM data you have gathered from the time they were working from the office to the time they started working remotely. When you use cloud-based CRM software, data maintenance, and accessibility becomes easier. Your company managers can now access the database from multiple servers and multiple devices.  


This will also simplify the entire process for evaluating employee performance and management. In other words, with the help of a single system, you can do everything, such as leave management, simplifying the onboarding process for new employees, and even helping to train them. If your company has a large employee base, then the CRM data can be shared amongst multiple teams such as the sales team and the marketing team to improve cooperation.  


Thus, with the help of the data gathered through the CRM solutions, you can improve collaboration amongst your team, increase communication, and even bring employee management under a single system. You can learn more about it by reading about inaccuracies of using CRM software, CRM strategies for improving sales, and best cloud-based CRM software. 


  1. CRM is essential for customer data security. 

When your teams work remotely, it is essential to ensure that they are all on the same page. Hence, you will have to train them to use the CRM solutions and assure your customers that your company's CRM system uses one of the best data security methods. 


There should be perfect communication with the sales team and the back-office team so that your customers are assured that there is clear communication amongst all your team members. It would be best if you increased CRM software adoption amongst your employees working remotely.  


This will make it easier for your customers to be assured of communication amongst your company's teams. When your customers share their personal information with your company, they expect this information to be secure. However, when a complaint is lodged, your back-office employees should have access to all details regarding the complaint to resolve it at the earliest. Hence, your employees working remotely should adopt the CRM system so that your customers are assured that the data shared by them is safe and secure. 


  1. Use analytics and integrations. 

During remote working, analytics is essential to boost sales and increase productivity. With the help of CRM third-party integrations, you can smoothly run analytics to identify better methods of promoting sales. When it comes to teams working remotely, you cannot hold regular sales meetings to give them sales updates face-to-face.  


But with third-party integrations with the CRM data, you can quickly run analytics. These analytics will simplify your work and make it easier for you to identify routes to improve sales and increase productivity. With these results, you can now guide your teams to improve their efficiency and productivity.  


There is no longer a requirement for regular sales meetings where you will need to sit and discuss complex numbers. These will be done with analytics, and all you will need to analyze are simple graphs. Sometimes you can also opt for real-time reports to understand your firm's daily sales and compare them to the analytics provided. All of this information can be used by your company managers to guide the remote teams to improve their productivity and improve sales.  




With the help of Cloud-Based CRM software, you can help your remote team improve their productivity. The issue that teams working remotely often face is lack of communication with other teams and the teams working from office. However, if you have sufficient data, gathered from CRM you can provide them with all the updates and the customer feedback they require. This can prove to be helpful to improve their performance and increase their productivity.  


Moreover, CRM data is also vital for business managers to provide the necessary support and guidance that teams working remotely need to improve their performance and increase productivity. Thus, by using Online CRM software you can help your remote improve their proficiency levels as it can help improve data-based communication amongst teams significantly.  


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