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Sep 22, 2021

Parimatch  is a major  bookmaker  which  has  been  successfully  operating  on  the  betting  market  for  many years. Over  all  the  years  it  has  proven  its  reliability  and  stability. Compared  to  its  competitors  it  offers  big and above average  odds, often  runs  interesting  promotions  and  provides  good  bonuses.


Parimatch  line


Parimatch  offers a pretty  cool  lineup. In the  football  section I found  almost  all  the  famous  tournaments  and leagues. The popular  leagues  are  best  represented, they  have  all  the  games, even  those  that  are  least interesting to bookmakers. The line  is  second  to  none  in  the  number  of  events, they  are  masters  of  their craft. As for  other sports, there's  also  nothing  wrong  with  that. The hockey  lineup  is  particularly  good. In general, there  are  few  places where  hockey  is  presented  as  cool  as  in  Parimatch. I'm  not  just  talking about NHL, you  can  also  bet on what does half time full time mean in betting  matches  from  other  leagues (and  all the stats), championships from  completely different  countries. All in  all, the  hockey  lineup  has  really impressed me.

There  were  no  complaints  about  tennis  either, both  major  championships  and  less  important  and  popular tournaments  are  available  here, as  well  as  almost  all  existing  Challengers. The LIVE section  includes  almost all  events  that  are  available  on Live. LIVE streaming  is  available  for  many matches, which  is  also  very  good. All this  is  made  possible  by  Parimatch's  partnership  with  the  biggest suppliers  in  the  market. If, like  me, you like  betting  on  the  outcome  of  near-sport  or  non-sporting  events, then  this  is  definitely  the place  for  you. I was  particularly  interested  in  betting  on  specials. Most  of  them  are "odds  and  ends" with incredible outcomes and  very  high  odds, but  sometimes  you  can  also  try  your  luck.

Parimatch  odds  

I am  more  than  happy  with  Parimatch's  odds  policy. I think 2% is  just  fine  as a margin  for  bookmakers. Many other  bookmakers  take  as  much  as 6-10%. And yet  this  margin  at  Parimatch  is  set  for  everything, for example for  the  most  important European championships  its  value  is  at 2-3%. If  you  are  thinking  of  earning on  low margins  and  totals, you  can  be  happy  that  it  is  only 3-4%.

For tennis  and  hockey  matches  the  situation  is  similar, for  central  matches  you  will  earn 2-3%, and  for  less important  matches  you  will  earn 2-4%.

Official  website  and  mirror  

Parimatch  has  established a legal  online  betting  service. The official  website  of  Parimatch  is  accessible  to everyone, has a user-friendly  and  intuitive  interface  and  nice  design. I think  that  even  those  who  have  never played  in a bookmaker's  office  will  have  no  problems  with  it.

Summary  of  Parimatch  

Overall, Parimatch  was a cool  service  and  still  is. Particularly  pleasing  is  the  wide  line  and  the  large coverage, which  gives  the  impression  that  you  can  bet  on  any  sporting  event  here.

As for  the  disadvantages, there  are  hardly  any. To sum  it  all  up, Parimatch  is a cool  and  reliable  company that can be  recommended to anyone looking for a decent bookmaker.


Parimatch bookmaker review


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