Why is my Google Chrome Not Updating ?

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Sep 21, 2021

Chrome has been helping many users for ages now. It keeps on updating to introduce new and unique features that ease the work of the customers. However, many people are complaining that they are unable to update Google Chrome on their system.


Some of the common reasons given below in this article can be the problem in chrome update. You can also contact the live representative of Google using Google customer service number if you cannot fix the problem.


Reasons why Google chrome is not updating:


  • The possible reasons why Google Chrome is unable to update itself are:


  • Your internet connection may be poor that is stopping their chrome update.


  • There may be cache files collected in the system that hinders the update.


  • Your disk has ran out of storage that is hampering the update.


  • Sometimes unnecessary cookies are collected on the website that stops the update.


What can you do to fix the issue of Google chrome not updating?


  • You can check the internet connection before starting the update.


  • Make sure that there is enough storage in your device to complete the update.


  • Clear all the cookies and cache that are not in use in Google chrome.


  • You need to restart the system as well for smooth functioning.


  • You can contact the customer service at Google to solve the issue.


If you wonder How can I talk to someone at Google, you can check the Google support page to find the answer. You can also browse the toll-free number of Google to contact the live representative.


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