Does tap Portugal have flight change fees ?

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Sep 20, 2021

Tap Air Portugal is undoubtedly the best airline in Portugal. They have made significant customer-friendly policies, because of which they created a base of loyal customers. It is straightforward to make changes to your flight or change your flight. The fight change fees are going to depend on some significant factors entirely. Those are dates of travelling, which means it is a weekend or weekday, or a festive season. One of the other essential factors is the destination. In the same manner, there are many other factors on which the flight change fees are based. You will come to know about the flight change fee before you make the final change. If you want to know the TAP Portugal Flight change policy and the procedure to make the changes. Then you need to go through the process below. 


Steps to make the flight change:



  • Go on the Tap Air Portugal website. 


  • Now tap on the option of “My booking.” 


  • Enter your booking reference number and your surname. 


  • Now tap on the choice of “search flight.” 


  • You’ll come across your booking. 


  • Open the booking and click on the possibility of “Flight change.” 


That is it. Now you can make the changes which are suitable for you. 


Flight change Policy:



  • In case you change your flight, then you will not be able to change the destination. For that, you’re supposed to make a new booking. 


  • You will need to make the payment of the extra charge if you make a flight change. 


Hopefully, your question, “Does Tap charge change fees? is answered. Have a lovely light.


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