UPSC Study Time Table 2022: The Ultimate UPSC Preparation Schedule

Sonali Khan

Sep 20, 2021



Time tables can not be the same for everyone, because they have their work. Everyone needs proper management to crack the IAS Exam. Few people study at night every day, and few early in the morning. Some students can study for a long time or hours at a stretch, and few take breaks after every interval. So, it depends on you or you have to make your own timetable for the study. The management of time is very important for every IAS aspirant. So, In this article, you will get an idea about UPSC study timetable 2022: 

Importance of Time-Table:


Whenever you want to achieve something with full focus, a time-table is very important that time. The timetable for UPSC is a definite thing to do who is aspiring to get into the exam. The timetable of UPSC will help the aspirants for an effective IAS exam preparation with the proper daily routine. You can join the best IAS Academy in Bangalore for the best results. Because from the classes, you can learn a lot of topics with the help of experts.


Annual Plan for IAS Exam Preparation:


From July to November: You can start your preparation in these months for pre mains exam. You need to study for GS, magazines, newspapers, and easy writing. You can use The Hindu newspaper for current affairs. You have to also maintain the time for optional subjects for mains and start focus on these subjects of your choice. You need to read all standard books like NCERT, Bipin Chandra, Laxmikant, and other study material package. Whenever you read books, try to make handwritten notes on these topics. The IAS Academy in Hyderabad provides all the important resources or materials for the exam. The most important thing is that you have to watch parliamentary discussions for the exam and the debates on Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. 


From December to March: After preparing all the topics of above-mentioned, you can give more time to pre-oriented preparation with the newspaper and some preparation of mains side by side. You have to start practice on answer writing. Because the will can any topics from anywhere. So, you have to focus on it also very well. Try to read more books from November onwards. If you are weak in language paper then start writing in language paper.

Thus, the above-mentioned are the tips to start UPSC preparation for 2022. Choose the Best IAS Coaching In Chennai, because they will help you to stay concentrated and help to solve your doubts. For the best results, you have to stay consistent and focused while preparation. Hope this article helps you. All the Best for your preparation!



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