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Apr 21, 2021

What we learn about Cisco CCNA is the configuration in Cisco, but what we often use is not the switch or router that can be managed. In reality, the contact is really very few, unless you can enter a big company, there are many. But it's very hard to enter a big company. This is what I feel after obtaining Cisco CCNA Certification.

As for Learning network knowledge of CCNA Certification, I think the first thing is to have a plan, then learning systematically and be persistent. Don't go in fits and starts.Don't take a look at something for a while, and then take a look at others, which is not good. Guard against arrogance. Step by step, and conduct your study in accordance with your own plan. if you can do these, you will be half the battle and it would be a piece of cake for you to pass the CCNA Exam.

Cisco CCNA  Certification

Second, read repeatedly. The memory in the brain is repeatedly strengthened. Only repeated reading can we really remember things, and we can learn more from them. After having a different foundation, every article we read will bring us great harvest when we read.

Third, combine Chinese and English. Because these learning contents are mainly in English, the level of English also determines the difficulty of learning to a certain extent. Because there are many professional terms in these learning contents, we should learn from both Chinese and English materials. First in Chinese and then in English. English materials are usually better than Chinese materials. After translation, some terms are not what the author really means. Some translators translate the books in their own way, it is unavoidable that some of them don't understand the professional knowledge and delete something that they think is rubbish.

Fourth, choose one or two good books. There are a lot of English materials on the Internet, but some of them are full of rubbish. Go to several professional forums, go to online bookstores and read book reviews, which would help you choose good books.

Fifth, Take notes.

Sixth, Do experiments carefully. There is a certain distance between theoretical knowledge and practical operation. Through the experiment, you can grasp the learning content better.

Seventh, Find a good forum. go to the forum to learn, ask questions and help others solve their doubts.

The above are also what I encountered during my study for the CCNA Test, which is relatively useful for me after the verification of time.

To sum up, Plan, System + Persistence → Repeated Experience → Theory + Practice = Success

The process of learning is to make a problem from fuzzy to clear, and then from clear to fuzzy. And every change means that you have learned a new knowledge point.

The process of learning is also from point to line, from line to net, from net to surface. When the point becomes a line, you will have the feeling of suddenly enlightenment. When the net comes to the surface, you are a master already.

Many netizen, especially the beginners, go to the forum to ask questions as soon as they encounter problems. Have you checked the book before asking? Have you studied it? Have you searched the forum? This is called Thinking Inertia. By others to answer your questions, you can easily understand this knowledge point in a short time. However, through your own efforts to study it, you will not only have a deeper understanding of this knowledge point, but also improve your ability to solve and analyze problems in the process of searching. In general, no matter what you learn, you will not succeed without a good study attitude.

Indeed, the beginners often come to the forum to ask questions because they have no way to start when they encounter problems, and they don't know where to find information. But in my opinion, when asking questions, can we ask others how to analyze the problems? Where can I find the relevant information? Don't always just ask the answers to the questions. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

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