QuickBooks error 102 appears when the site is down, is under maintenance, or data is being transferred between the site and the bank. Such errors can jeopardize your work. An issue with the Bank's website's data transfer could also be a cause of QuickBooks Online Error 102. The QuickBooks online banking service is not compatible with a bank's website, as well as other banking functions. This blog post will help you find the best solution for QuickBooks online error 102.

Error code 102 is a result of the following reasons:

There can be a variety of technical reasons for QuickBooks error code 102.

  • Damaged network equipment is the most common cause of QB error code 102

  • Wireless network problems may result in OS malfunctions

  • The browser may be malfunctioning if this error occurs

  • You may be erroneous by installing too many browser extensions. In order to troubleshoot Quickbooks error 102, it is necessary to address each cause one at a time.


Fix QuickBooks Error Code 102


Solution 1: Check Account updates in QBO


Unless the bank credit card website indicates maintenance, you need to update the account manually in QuickBooks Online. Choose Update from the top right corner. Listed below are automatic and manual updates.


Automatic updates


The bank account of QuickBooks Online is updated between 3 am and 6 am. When QuickBooks Online cannot get updated information for a particular Online account, it will update five times over the next five hours. The banks or financial institutions that we work with provide us with information based on their shares.

To determine what time Update occurred, check the following:

  • Select 'Banking' on the left menu

  • The top right corner should be updated with updated information

  • A column labeled last updated displays the last time and date the page was updated.


Manual Updates


While most of them are automatically updated, some accounts need to be updated manually

  • The left-hand navigation menu will direct you to the 'Banking' section

  • You can then delete 'Unwanted' accounts and update a few of your accounts afterward

  • It is now possible to press ''

  • If you are using MFA, enter your credentials (continue to enter)


Solution 2:  Wait for Bank Action


When you cannot resolve the error code 102 QuickBooks, you will need to wait for your bank to resolve any server problems. Retrying after one day is recommended.




Applying the above solutions to QuickBooks Error Code 102 will not work. If you need expert assistance with QuickBooks, you can contact our 24/7 Support. Technical and guidance assistance is recommended to prevent any further discrepancies.


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