What Are The Advantages Of Using Bubble Wrap For Packaging?

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Sep 17, 2021

Bubble wrap is a commonly used material in the packaging industry placed between the products. It is a flexible and transparent sheet to give a cushioning effect, especially for fragile items. The cushioning effect is due to the regularly placed air-filled bubbles, and these sheets are generally available in different shapes and sizes. The cushioning protection is customizable according to the client's requirements. Hence, these sheets provide great comfort and assurance from breaking. The bubble roll manufacturers in Chennai use polyethylene film with a flat side and shaped side bonded. It will allow the film to form air bubbles. Some bubble wraps have a minimum permeation barrier because they sustain for a longer time and are resistant to air loss. The size of the air bubble varies from 6 millimeters to  26 millimeters.  Hence, in this post, listed below are some advantages of using bubble wrap for the packaging.


Excellent Insulator:


The foremost advantage of using bubble wrap is it acts as an excellent insulator during transportation. The packaging companies in Chennai use air bubble wraps for the safe and secure transit of the goods. The transit through roads, trucks, trains, ships, and aircraft includes bumps and rough handling by the staff. Hence, air bubble wrap protects the product from the impacts significantly. The air-filled bubbles provide a cushioning effect to the goods and form a stable barrier against the shock. The bubble wrap sheet serves as a protecting layer when two or three corrugated boxes are piled on them. Hence, it acts as a perfect insulator during transportation.




The air bubble wraps can be used again until the air is intact. The sheets are reused until they are significantly damaged to protect the valuable goods. Air-filled bubble sheets are eco-friendly compared to other packaging solutions.




These sheets are light in weight and don't require extra space. Air bubble sheets are durable with layers of ultra-lightweight plastic. This plastic improves the stability of the sheets and decreases the weight. Hence, transporting goods in bulk, these sheets come in handy and make extra room for the products.


Different sizes and purposes:


The air bubble sheets serve the different requirements of the customer. For instance, if the customer is shipping sensitive electronic parts and components, the person can use anti-static plastic in transportation. The size of the air-filled bubbles also varies according to the customer's preferences.


Even top corrugated box manufacturers in Chennai use air bubble sheets to protect them from impacts. Hence, consider the benefits suggested in the post for better transportation.



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