The Best Rated Coolers to Get: Short Reviews


Sep 16, 2021

The Best Rated Coolers to Get: Short Reviews

Ask just about any seasoned adventurists and expeditioneers about their gear list and they would most likely mention a “quality ice chest” along the way. The ability to bring fresh food and drinks along with you onto the trails is a huge advantage to have, especially if your trip is going to last above 24 hours.


In this article, we have a number of the Best Coolers In The World for you to browse through.


ORCA 26 Qt. White Cooler


If you want a cooler that is compact, reliable, and has the longevity to easily last you for years, the ORCA 26 Qt. cooler is a nice product to consider.


This cooler is going to be great for short-duration camping trips, picnics, and family outdoor sport days. The cooler has walls that have fairly thick insulated layers that do wonders in keeping the contents ice cold for several hours on end.


With the lid closed, this best cooler for price can hold ice for up to a week before the internal temperature inside the cooler is reduced to room temperature and the ice all thaws out. The lid feels very solid and definitely looks like it can hold its own in the rough conditions of the trail.


It is equipped with a tight sealing system that keeps the cold air inside and prevents it from leaking out into the environment. The cooler also has robust side handles for better ease of transport.


The only thing that we can think of that’s close to a con is the fact that the cooler is quite heavy at 17 pounds.


The ORCA is available at a fairly affordable price point, so the extra weight might be an acceptable trade-off for you if you need something that’s both capable and cheap to accompany you on your expeditions.


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YETI Tundra 110 Cooler


This best YETI cooler was designed specifically for fishing and rafting in mind. However, it is still versatile enough that it could also be used for other purposes.


The YETI Tundra 110 has a fairly generous internal volume and is capable of holding up to 65 cans of beer or 101 pounds of ice. For this carrying capacity alone, it is perfect for parties and picnics. But of course, the extra large size also means that the cooler can be very heavy even when it is empty (39 pounds). Once you have filled it up with ice along with food and drink, it would definitely require two people to transport.



It’s got great ice-keeping ability, as well. In our test, the YETI Tundra 110 lasts for about a week before all of the ice melts. We put the cooler in our patio and away from direct sunlight, however, so your mileage may vary depending on how you store your cooler while you are on the road.


It is easy to note the high quality in the build and the different components like the latches, the hinges, the handles, and even the grippy rubber feet. The handles in particular are excellent. They conform to the shape of the hand and don't feel at all awkward or painful to carry for a long period of time, which is definitely an added bonus if you plan on bringing the cooler along to hiking trips.


The sidewalls of this best ice cooler have about 3 inches of permafrost to maximize cooling performance. The walls itself are rotomolded, so they are able to resist against even the huge impact shocks of a bear attack.


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Concluding today’s best cooler reviews, we hope that some of the products we introduced have caught your attention. 


Happy shopping!





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