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Sep 16, 2021

Kristen Scott has been reaching new heights in her career since finding the adult industry back in 2015. A lover, artist, model, and director, this California native is known for her acting accomplishments almost as much as she is known for her explosive sex videos. Kristen Scott, who won AVN Best Supporting Actress for her role in Pure Taboo 2018 AVN Award-winning Best Drama, Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy, is no stranger to performing as she took theater in school as a teen. Her diverse body of work, including her groundbreaking performance in Adult Time's Film, Teenage Lesbian, did not go unnoticed, earning a Best Actress nomination and Honorable Mention in the Queen Palm International Festival 2019.

Kristen Scott is not only a beautiful, sexual being, she is also a very talented actress. Having starred in over 45 sex videos for the all-girl studio Girlsway, Gamma Films added Scott to their director lineup for the studio. Her fan base is constantly growing and she proves that she is taking steady, successful steps towards her goals. Discover all Kristen Scott porn videos.





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