Given that gaming is my primary hobby and one of the few things


Sep 16, 2021

Given that gaming is my primary hobby and one of the few things I’m always passionate to write about, few things serve to highlight the passage of time like the remaster of a game I played in my youth. It’s been over 21 years since my high school friends and I would sit huddled in a small room, warmed by the constant hum of our underwhelming Celeron PCs, LANing Diablo II for hours at a time. I still have fond memories of my utterly useless Necromancer build, which simply served as a short-lived distraction as we tackled Hell difficulty.

I split my time between the PC and Xbox Series S version of Diablo 2: Resurrected (if you link your account, there’s support for cross-progression) and both platforms impressed me. Aside from the PC-specific visual settings and the console-specific “quality” vs. “performance” modes, there’s a raft of customisation options on all platforms. You can tailor the gameplay experience (visual information and auto-loot options), configure your preferred input (gamepad support is available on PC now), and there are dedicated options for the Legacy Mode (including native rendering resolutions of 640×480 or 800×600!).diable 2 resurrected items

After exploring the customisation options and picking from one of three characters – I chose the Amazon – it was time to get going. It was a surreal experience to wander around the Rogue Encampment all these years later. Instantly familiar yet intricately detailed, Diablo 2: Resurrected is a remaster that wants to present the game you remember, not present some radical audio-visual overhaul. You can switch between the remastered visuals and Legacy Mode at any time. However, I’d only play this as a short-lived curiosity to highlight what visual remastering was done. Stick with it for long enough and your eyes will start bleeding, while the cropped 4:3 borders don’t inhibit enemy targeting or stop info-bars popping up on the screen.
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