When you setup the Gmail account on the iphone or ipad. It will start syncing the data from the gmail servers immediately. However sometimes, the mail app might not sync to the google server and display one of the following error.

  1. Authentication error.
  2. Synchronization error.

These error simply displays that there is something wrong with the account settings. So you have look into the mail settings on the iphone and ipad. Here in this article, I will assist you in solve the problem.

How to fix the syncing error on the gmail account from iphone?

  1. Please make sure that the internet is working on the iphone and ipad. So go to the mobile data settings and then wifi settings. if you find anything wrong. You need to update it.
  2. If yahoo mail is showing the authentication error, it means, you need to update the password on the device. so you need to go to the mail settings, and click on the gmail account. there you need to update the password again.
  3. If <a href="https://askprob.com/fix-gmail-not-receiving-emails-problem-solved/">Gmail is not receiving the emails </a> on the yahoo account and check the fetching settings on the device. It is disabled, and enable it on the device.
  4. If you have already tried these steps but it is not working. you need to remove it from the mail settings and then re-add it again. now retry to access the mail again.
  5. Please update the mail application on the device. it will start working on your device.
  6. Please use the gmail official app on the computer.

So these are the steps to fix the yahoo mail problems. in case, if you are dealing with the gmail settings. you need to visit askprob blogs for more help.

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