How can I Scan Documents with an Epson Printer?

epson printer | Prompthelp

Sep 15, 2021


The most significant aspects of scanning with an Epson printer are basic device configuration and document setup. However, it is a fact that the users of Epson keep on facing technical snags and often put-up questions like how to scan from Epson printer to computer. So now, if you wish to reset it, you are expected to follow few essential instructions like, first of all, Place the original document you want to scan on the printer's automatic document feeder. You must Open the Epson Printer portal, click on the drop-down menu, and choose scanning mode from the three options. After that Select, the ADF action to indicate the document, then you are supposed to click on the "Scan," which is just at the bottom of the scan settings to send the action to the Epson printer.





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