How do I Get My Yahoo Account Back?

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Sep 15, 2021

When you open your Yahoo account, and it is not opening due to some reason. In that case, you need to recover your account. There are several ways of recovery. You can select your desired form and recover your Yahoo account. For the recovery, you need any alternative among these two – recovery phone number or recovery email address. You can opt for the Yahoo account recovery number, as it is the simplest. In this option, you need to provide the verification code that you receive on your phone number. Now, check out the ways to recover your Yahoo account.


Steps to recover Yahoo account


If you are facing issues regarding your Yahoo account, the best is to recover it immediately. The process of recovery is very straightforward. Listed below are the steps to do so. Have a look.


  • First of all, launch the official web page of Yahoo on your chosen web browser.
  • Type your Yahoo email address and move to the next step.
  • In the subsequent step, click on the “Forgot Password” option.
  • You will get into the other page to select among recovery phone numbers and recovery email addresses.   
  • For phone numbers, provide the verification code that you receive on your recovery phone number.
  • After that, create a new password for your Yahoo account.
  • You need to enter the verification code on your recovery email address for using your email address.
  • After entering the code, create your new Yahoo password.
  • After creating your new password, you can access your Yahoo account effortlessly.

Bottom Line


Therefore, these are the steps to get back your Yahoo account readily. Now, you must know How do I get my Yahoo account back, where you have to perform the steps mentioned above. For any additional information, get in touch with Yahoo customer service 24/7.    


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