5 Golden Tips For Choosing The Right Hair Piece For Men


Sep 15, 2021


Going for a hair replacement system is the best option in the market today. If you want to deal with hair loss or try new hairstyles without actually committing to it or getting your hair chopped, then a hair replacement is the best option for you.


However, with the variety of mens hair pieces available in the market, making a smart and calculated decision is mandatory. You need to match the texture, colour, undertones, length, volume, and lustre of the hairpiece to natural hair, everything under your budget. Therefore, we bring the five golden tips for choosing the right hairpiece for you (men).


5 Tips To Follow For Finding The Best Mens Hair Pieces


Below are a few factors you should look into while picking the right men's hair replacement system for yourself:


  1. Prepare A Budget First

Setting a budget will make it easier for you to choose the right wig from all the stock and customised men's hairpieces available. Stock men's hair replacement systems are cheaper and readily available, and they are present in bulk. Customised men's hair pieces are a costlier option, but they blend in effortlessly. 


  1. Know Your Measurements 

While selecting your hair system, ensure that you measure the correct size, density, texture, volume, length, and breadth of your crown area. It would be best if you always took advice from professionals before making the right choice. NewTimes Hair has plenty of men's hair pieces in different lengths, colours, and textures, thus bringing the ideal match for you.


  1. Consider Your Lifestyle

The wig you choose depends on your requirements. Whether you want to wear your hairpiece in the office or wear it when you go for a swim, the wig selection varies. A simple daily wear hair system that is tangle and frizz-free is also a common requirement. 


  1. Understand For How Long Do You Need The Hairpiece

The securing method for your hair system can vary depending upon whether your requirement is temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent. You can choose to stick with clips, tapes or liquid adhesives to meet your needs.

While temporary mens hair pieces continue to be popular due to being highly convenient and comfortable, semi-permanent and permanent options are for the long run and reduce the hassle of constant dawning and doping.


  1. Select A Hair Piece That Best Fits You

Take some time, look out for all the available options and finally choose the one that best fits your requirements. Don’t be in a rush to make a choice. Choose quality over quantity always. 


Take the advice of professionals and also dermo-hair consultants to make a selection. A top-rated stylist can guide you and help you find the best services that sell hair toupees and replacement systems, like the NewTimes Hair. 




Hair replacement systems are the best way of dealing with problems such as hair fall, partial/complete balding, experimenting with new hairstyles, or even with poor quality of hair. 


Hairpieces that perfectly matches your face, hair colour, and requirements are preferred to give a natural look. They can solve most of your hair-related problems and give you the right boost and confidence that will help you strive in life.



Joyce Lim


Content Writer