How can I recover my old Hotmail account ?

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Sep 14, 2021

Hotmail is an online service that does not charge anything that allows the user to send & receive emails professionally. It provides the services such as calendar, webmail, contacts saving feature & other valuable tasks. If the user can’t access its old Hotmail account online, he is getting issues logging into the account through a password. 


  • Before anything, the user have to launch the Hotmail account recovery through login page 


  • Now you should type the email ID into the proper field.


  • Now you will get the section where to enter your password.


  • Now you should click on the forgot password option 


  • Next, you should select the try another way option until you get the recovery phone number option. 


  • You will enter the registered phone number in the required filed & continue the process.


  • After this, on your official mobile number, you will receive the confirmation code enter the code into the confirmation text field & click submit.


  • In the end, you will instantly get access to your old Hotmail account by reactivating it without any issue.


However, with the above given you can use your old Hotmail account without any issue. You can Reactivate An Old Hotmail Account easily. However, if you are not able to perform this task, then connect with the official Hotmail customer service to obtain the additional details regarding the old account reactivation process. 


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