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Todd Brown

Sep 13, 2021

In addition to a good presentation, the coursework must have serious content. This does not mean that the student must prove that he or she knows more about the subject than anyone else. Sometimes this goal encourages some inconsiderate people to copy mercilessly without reference to sources, that is, to plagiarize. And this, as I said, referring to the Intellectual Property Act (1/1996), is reportable. It is necessary to learn how to write decent papers, a goal that is easy to achieve with practice.


The following suggestions and corrections guide the writing process. They are largely based on the usage recommended by the Real Academia de la Lengua, and contrast with the most common errors that I, as a free essay writer, have corrected in numerous university term papers and that even intellectual scholars make, even if they are at the time leading experts in the subject matter. Many of these errors are not specific to universities; they are widespread in society thanks to the media. Because they are made in an endless number of linguistically undesirable circles, it is difficult to combat them. Moreover, as I find out in my fieldwork, many of these errors were already present in films from the 1950s, especially in Spanish translations.


The pandemic contagion of language abuse is staggering. My opinion in this regard is pessimistic: I believe that everything bad sticks to language. Thus it happens that even remarkably well-educated academics get into trouble. On the other hand, it would be an anomaly if a Ganjan after reading Don Quixote from one day to the next started talking like Cervantes. But the battle is not yet lost; we just need to make some effort to try to purge ourselves of the most common vices of modernity.


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Todd Brown


Todd Brown

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