63 Square, Seoul's Classic Landmark

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Apr 16, 2019



Holding the title of Korea’s tallest building for almost two decades and boasting a distinct glistening, golden exterior, the 63 Square remains one of Seoul’s most iconic landmarks. In contrast to the busy Namsan Tower and Seoul Sky, the 63 Square's Art Observatory offers visitors a more relaxing and uncongested viewing experience of Seoul particularly, the Han River which it overlooks.

How to Get to 63 Square

There are various ways to get to 63 Square using the Seoul Metro.  

Daebang Station Shuttle Bus

  • Take Metro Line 1 to Daebang station and get out Exit 6. Take the free shuttle bus to 63 square which you can board 40 m from the exit.

Sategang Station

  • Take Metro Line 9 to Sategang Station and get out Exit 1. Take the free shuttle bus 10 m from the exit towards Yeoeuido Station.

Yeoinaru Station

  • Take Metro Line 5 to Yeoinaru Station and get out Exit 4. Take the free shuttle bus to 63 square which you can board 80 m from the exit not far from MBC. 

Yeouido Station


  • Take Metro Line 5 or 9 to Yeouido Station and get out Exit 5. Take the free shuttle bus to 63 square which you can board in front of St. Mary’s Hospital. 

Noryangjin station

  • Take Metro Line 1 to Noryangjin station and get out Exit 1 and walk in the direction of 63 Square. 


Buying/Redeeming your Ticket

Once you enter the ground floor of 63 Square, walk over to the ticket office where you can purchase tickets. If you pre-ordered your ticket, show your voucher or QR code to the staff to redeem it for a paper ticket.  

To avoid waiting in long ticket lines, we recommend that you buy tickets online beforehand!


Observation Deck and Art Gallery

The viewing experience already begins once you enter the elevator to go up to the 60th floor of the building where the observatory is located. The walls of the elevators are made of transparent glass which will allow you to view the Han river and city while ascending up to the observatory

The observation deck itself offers impressive views of the Han River, Seoul skyline, and mountains in the background from a height of nearly 270 meters above land. You can pay 500 won to use binoculars that allow a closer glimpse of the city.

Visit the observatory on early morning weekdays to avoid crowds or in the evening to watch the sunset and illuminated of the city at night.  


The Art Observatory houses a small collection of artwork from Korean and international artists. It is the highest gallery in the world and holds numerous exhibitions throughout the year which change every three months. The 63 Square Art Gallery aims to contribute toward the development of the domestic art scene by showcasing and introducing the artwork of local talent to the general public.  

The artworks is creative but easy to interpret so even children can appreciate it! 

The building also has several restaurants, cafes, and shopping amenities in its lower and upper floors. The fine-dining restaurants occupying the 57th to 59th floors boast not only beautiful panoramic views of Seoul but also high-end gourmet food and extensive wine collections to enjoy.

Aquaplanet 63

63 Square also houses Aquaplanet 63 in its basement floor. A must-visit aquarium that occupies nearly 6,000 square meters of space and welcomes over 1 million visitors annually with over 400 different species of sea creatures. The aquarium runs an exciting line-up of aqua programs to watch including a mermaid show, otter show, and string-ray feeding time, just to name a few.


The mermaid show is a big hit with kids (and adults too)!  


Yeouido Harbor and Han River 


After exploring everything that 63 Square has to offer, you can enjoy the urban scenery along the Han River and Yeouido Island by walking over to the Yeouido Harbor and hopping on a Han River Ferry Cruise. Aboard the E-Land Han River Cruise, you can not only enjoy views of Seoul's most famous attractions by day or night, but also be entertained by fun events and activities, such as a fireworks show, lunch buffet, dinner buffet, live music, and more!





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