Learning how to play Solitaire is simple


Sep 13, 2021

The world of solitaire is to rearrange the cards according to suit and order. The restriction permits cards to be transferred from one group to another, although there are several limitations depending on the type of solitaire game. The player's ability to identify the correct order and plan ahead, along with some chance, will determine how fast or slow the game is completed. Solitaire presents a significant challenge because it is not a simple task; but, with a little practice, it can be completed without much thought. As a result of the development of card games, it has become a means for players to spend their free time and relax.

Here, we will show you how to play this online game in detail.

The cards are turned upside down, and finding the minor card at first is very difficult. Therefore, if you happen to see the cards in a contiguous order and same image, you can arrange them in a reserve column. Then, you continue to find the minor card placed on the foundation pile. By doing this, your search will be more straightforward, and you won't miss out on potential tags. 

You can also move many cards simultaneously but must satisfy that they have descending order and alternating black and red colors. This may seem a bit difficult, but it helps to make your arrangements more 

convenient. So during the game, please pay attention and place the cards in an intentional position instead of putting them unintentionally.

Cards with sequences from small to large and cards with the king are all placed in the empty pile. And there are no rules about how to use reserve stakes or seven columns of cards, so it's okay to start taking cards where you like. 

Also, the game Solitaire does not regulate playing time. The match will only end when you have completed all four empty stakes.  As a result, it won't put any pressure on you.

In general, the gameplay is quite simple, but you can mess your brain in the first seconds when you can't find baby cards. Some players are quite annoyed when they fall into a state of not remembering the card position they have just found. Therefore, this game will be completed quickly and excellently if you try hard to memorize and search carefully. Besides, this relaxed spirit also helps you to experience this card game in a more fun way.

For experienced people, they will have many good strategies to win faster. But do not worry, experience through a lot of play and research. Therefore, do not give up on the first difficulties.

If you win the game with a high score and a short completion time, you will be listed on the prestigious leaderboard. This is seen as an encouraging reward to help you have more motivation to play better and better.

  • Use drag & drop to move cards from one pile to another
  • Click on the Stock Pile to draw three new cards
  • Double-click on a card to add it to a foundation





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