Aluminum 2024 vs 6061 Aluminum between 6061 and 2024


Sep 13, 2021

2024 Aluminum Physical & Chemical Properties
When selecting a material for a certain project, it is important to know the characteristics of each metal or plastic, let us look at the properties of aluminum 2024.
– Aluminum intensity 2024: 2,78 g/cm3 (0,1 lb/in3)
– Conductivity of electricity: 30% IACS – Melt point: 500°C (932°F)
– Poor tolerance to corrosion
– May be enhanced by heat treatment – average machinability
– High power – poor sodability – good functionality

2024 Aluminum Mechanical Properties
The following steps are focused on aluminum 2024-T4. Please note:
– Ultimate 2024 aluminum tensile strength: 469 MPa
– 2024 aluminum yield strength: 324 MPa
– Shear 2024 Aluminum strength: 283 MPa
– Aluminum fatigue strength of 2024: 138 MPa
– 2024 Aluminum Elasticity Modulus: 73.1 GPa – 2024 Aluminum Shear Modulus: 28 GPa

Due to its high strength and fatigue resistance, 2024 is commonly used for aircraft parts, rivets, metal frames, truck wheels, squirrel goods, etc. 2024 is used for rating liquid penetrating experiments beyond standard temperature ranges.

Difference Aluminum 2024 vs 6061 Aluminum between 6061 and 2024
Compare the 2024 to 6161 alloys in several respects, particularly the aspect you are worried about. Check the following distinction between 2024 and 6061 aluminum and determine which one is more suitable for your application.

2024 and 6061 are also wrought aluminum alloys, and 2024 is used for main copper, while 6061 is the primary alloy for silicon and magnesium.

The high proportion of copper is significantly reduced in 2024 by the cnc machining brass tolerance and the inclusion of chromium in 6061 gives the alloy a high resistance to corrosion.
6061 also has a greater spot tolerance and a lower stress-corrosion than 2024. Refer to a comparison of characteristics between 2024-T3 and 6061-T651.

Both 6061 and 2024 are popular in different applications. In 2024, the aircraft frameworks and other aerospace applications are widely chosen, especially the wings and fuselages, which sometimes are under stress. In the freight sector 2024 may also be found. In general applications 6061, like heavy-duty buildings, strong corrosion resistance require truck and marine applications, railways, automobiles, bikes, vehicles, aircraft, camera lenses, tanks, weapons, electrical wiring, furniture and pipelines.


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